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Audi’s Mission:Zero Program Champions Biodiversity in 2023

Ingolstadt, 2024 – Audi’s comprehensive environmental program, Mission:Zero, has expanded its focus in 2023 to include biodiversity as one of its four key areas, alongside decarbonization, resource efficiency, and water use. The automotive giant, a member of the “Biodiversity in Good Company” initiative, has launched a series of projects across its locations to protect biodiversity, encompassing wild bee colonies, reforestation, and more.

Acknowledging the critical challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss, Audi has aligned with the United Nations’ objectives for ecosystem restoration (2021-2030). In a strategic move, Audi developed and optimized a biodiversity index in 2023, paralleling its decarbonization efforts. This index evaluates each location against specific criteria, setting targets for promoting biodiversity.

Global Efforts and Local Impact

  • Audi China has contributed with the “Audi China Biodiverse City Initiative,” introducing a birdwatching guide to encourage urban residents towards a nature-centric lifestyle.
  • In Ingolstadt, Audi’s AzuBioTop, an initiative by Audi trainees, is creating habitats for endangered species. The company is transforming lawns into wild-flower meadows and has established a biotope to facilitate species migration.
  • Neckarsulm sees piles of stones and dead wood repurposed as habitats for various organisms. Audi has also restored an amphibian spawning pond in collaboration with the city of Heilbronn.
  • Neuburg has become a sanctuary for 94 wild bee species, including some that are endangered in Bavaria.
  • In Győr, Audi’s initiatives include habitat transformation for floral growth and efforts to protect the endangered saker falcon.
  • San José Chiapa in Mexico is witnessing a major reforestation project and fauna conservation efforts in collaboration with local authorities.
  • The Brussels site focuses on greening roofs and combating invasive plant species.

Dr. Rüdiger Recknagel, Head of Environmental Protection at Audi, emphasized the importance of each creature and Audi’s commitment to biodiversity through various small-scale but significant activities.

Audi’s multifaceted approach to protecting biodiversity demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices, contributing to the health of ecosystems worldwide.

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