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Lucid’s Electrifying Leap Across the Pond: American EV Giant Zaps into Europe with Swanky New Rides

In a dazzling display of electric innovation, Lucid Group, Inc. is turbocharging its way into 2024, making a grand entrance at the Geneva International Motor Show with a trio of electric marvels. The American automaker, known for its luxury electric vehicles, is set to captivate Europe with the debut of the Gravity SUV, the high-octane Air Sapphire, and the sleek Rear-Wheel-Drive Air Pure.

The Geneva Motor Show, running from February 26 to March 3, 2024, will be the stage for these electrifying beauties, showcasing Lucid’s blend of elegance, efficiency, and electric prowess. Each model is a testament to Lucid’s cutting-edge technology, boasting rapid charging capabilities (400 kilometers in just 16 minutes!) and impressive ranges up to 839 kilometers.

Lucid’s European charm offensive includes expanding its footprint in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Norway. The company is set to open new Lucid Studios in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Stuttgart, making its revolutionary technology and luxurious driving experience more accessible to European customers. These expansions complement Lucid’s plans to bolster its European service network with both permanent and mobile solutions.

In the spotlight is the Lucid Air Pure RWD, a model of efficiency with a range of 747 kilometers and a sprint to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. Not to be outshined, the Lucid Gravity redefines the electric SUV, offering a luxurious seven-seater experience, while the Lucid Air Sapphire merges luxury with mind-blowing performance, racing from 0 to 100 km/h in about two seconds.

Lucid’s updated Air lineup doesn’t stop at vehicles. The company is rolling out new services, including a Wallbox Pulsar Max charging station for home charging and a two-year maintenance service for added peace of mind. These offerings, along with a broader palette of interior and exterior colors, including the popular Stealth look, ensure that Lucid customers ride in style.

The Air series, including the Air Pure RWD, Air Touring, Air Grand Touring, and the show-stopping Air Sapphire, represents Lucid’s commitment to luxury and performance. With the Lucid Air Tour Europe 2024, the company is inviting European customers to witness the future of automotive technology, today.

Lucid’s electrifying foray into Europe is more than just a showcase of luxury electric vehicles; it’s a bold statement of intent in the evolving world of electric mobility, promising an exhilarating ride for European EV enthusiasts and potential buyers alike.

PureTouringGrand TouringSapphire
Starting Price
Germany85,000 EUR99,000 EUR129,000 EUR250,000 EUR
Netherlands88,000 EUR102,000 EUR132,000 EUR255,000 EUR
Norway950,000 NOK1,100,000 NOK1,300,000 NOK2,770,000 NOK
Switzerland91,000 CHF105,000 CHF135,000 CHF260,000 CHF
kW (PS)325 (442)462 (629)611 (831)920 (1,251)
0-100 km/h
4.7 sec3.6 sec3.2 sec2 sec
Range747 km725 km839 km700 km
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