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Thai Airways Takes Dreamy Leap with 45 Boeing 787s: Flying High and Eco-Friendly

In an air-swooshing announcement, Boeing and Thai Airways have teamed up to give the airline’s fleet a high-flying makeover. Thai Airways is doubling down on its widebody fleet, adding a whopping 45 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. This move isn’t just about quantity; it’s a strategic play to modernize and expand, with the airline setting its sights on dominating Southeast Asia’s skies.

Singapore was buzzing on February 20, 2024, as the two aviation giants unveiled their plans. Thai Airways isn’t just buying planes; they’re going green in style. These 787-9 jets are not your average birds; equipped with GEnx engines, they’re the eco-warrior of the skies, cutting down on carbon footprints like it’s going out of fashion.

Chai Eamsiri, the eco-conscious CEO of Thai Airways, shared his vision of a carbon-neutral future. He’s not just thinking about the environment; it’s also about giving customers a top-notch experience while boosting Thailand’s economy.

It’s not just about the new metal birds; it’s about where they can take you. Thai Airways already flies its widebody fleet, including 777s and 787s, to nearly 60 destinations. Now, with more 787-9s joining the fleet, the airline is set to soar higher, faster, and more efficiently, slashing fuel use and emissions by a sky-high 25%.

Brad McMullen of Boeing, their senior VP of Commercial Sales and Marketing, is all praises for Thai Airways’ strategic move. This order isn’t just a sale; it’s a partnership that’s expected to boost tourism, trade, and opportunities in the region.

Finalized in December 2023 but kept under wraps on Boeing’s Orders & Deliveries website, this deal is part of a larger trend. Southeast Asia’s widebody fleet is expected to triple over the next two decades, with a demand for nearly 800 airplanes.

The 787-9 isn’t just another plane; it’s a game-changer. At 20 feet longer than its predecessor, the 787-8, it’s set to carry nearly 20% more passengers, opening new routes and possibilities.

Boeing’s relationship with Thai Airways and Thailand’s aviation industry is a long and storied one, spanning over six decades. Beyond business, Boeing is deeply embedded in the Thai community, supporting STEM education, disability programs, and sustainable livelihood initiatives.

In short, Thai Airways’ latest move isn’t just about getting new planes; it’s about soaring into a new era of eco-friendly and efficient air travel, with Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner leading the charge.

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