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Dacia’s Dazzling Do-Over: Four Favorites Get Facelifts and Fancy Features in 2024

In a bold move for 2024, Dacia has revamped its popular models: the Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Jogger, and Logan, infusing them with new style and upgraded features, while ensuring compliance with the latest Global Safety Regulation II (GSR II). This refresh is not just about aesthetics; it’s a comprehensive upgrade in comfort and safety, making these models as secure as they are striking.

The Sandero has been a consistent top-seller, dominating retail sales since 2017 and ranking second in European sales in 2023. With over 3 million units sold since 2008, it’s a testament to its enduring appeal. The Sandero Stepway, a variant of the Sandero, makes up a significant two-thirds of the Sandero’s sales mix, indicating its own popularity. The Jogger, a newer addition, has quickly made its mark with over 100,000 units sold, leading the non-SUV C-segment in retail sales across Europe. The Logan, meanwhile, enjoys significant popularity in specific markets, being the third best-selling vehicle in Morocco and the top seller in Romania.

With the introduction of GSR II in July 2024, the European Union’s new vehicle safety requirements come into play, and Dacia’s lineup is fully prepared to meet these standards. The GSR II is designed to enhance road safety for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, and Dacia has risen to the occasion by incorporating these safety measures into its models.

The 2024 lineup showcases several exciting design and feature updates. The Sandero’s new Journey trim, for instance, includes stylish elements like a shark antenna and Randia diamond-finish alloy wheels, paralleling the Stepway’s Extreme trim. Moreover, new two-tone Atara Flexwheels add a dash of sophistication to the vehicles. In terms of color options, Safari Beige becomes exclusive to the Sandero Stepway, adding to its outdoor appeal, while Shale Grey and Cedar Green are now available across all models, providing more variety for customers. The Jogger Hybrid 140 is not left behind, as it now features a new 7-inch instrument panel, enhancing the driving experience with a modern edge.

Safety features have been significantly enhanced across the range, starting with the Essential trim, to align with the new GSR II requirements. These include advanced systems like Event Data Recorders, Alcohol Immobilizer Predisposal, Traffic Sign Recognition with Speed Alert, Lane Departure Warning System, and an Advanced Emergency Braking System that includes pedestrian and cyclist detection.

In terms of comfort and efficiency, Dacia has introduced USB-C ports both in the front and rear of the vehicles, ensuring connectivity for all passengers. Emphasizing their commitment to sustainability, Dacia has also revamped its handbook, reducing the use of paper and eliminating chrome accents. The new handbook is a concise guide to the car’s features, supplemented by detailed digital versions accessible via QR code or the My Dacia app. Lastly, the introduction of the E-Save function in the Jogger Hybrid 140 is a noteworthy feature, allowing drivers to save battery power for specific driving conditions.

Dacia’s 2024 lineup is a blend of style, safety, and sustainability, showcasing the brand’s dedication to evolving with the times while maintaining its core values. With these upgrades, Dacia is set to continue its success story in the automotive market.

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