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Croatia’s High-Voltage Hero: First Native Son Electrifies with Rimac Nevera Delivery in New York

In a striking display of national pride and technological prowess, Croatia’s Rimac Automobili, renowned for engineering the trailblazing Rimac Nevera, has made headlines once again. This time, the occasion was marked by the delivery of a Rimac Nevera to its first Croatian customer, a milestone that took place not on home soil, but rather at Manhattan Motorcars in New York.

The journey of Rimac Automobili is nothing short of a Croatian fairy tale. Sprouting from a humble garage to a globally recognized brand, the company stands as a beacon of pride for a nation with a modest population of just over three million and no prior legacy in the automotive industry. Founder Mate Rimac, with his unwavering dedication to his roots, has maintained the company’s headquarters just outside Zagreb. The company’s design and branding exude Croatian pride, a commitment that Rimac himself insists will remain unshaken.

The recent delivery of the Nevera to Dr. Branko Škovrlj, a New Jersey-based Croatian neurosurgeon, marks a special chapter in this ongoing saga. Škovrlj’s introduction to Rimac began with a simple YouTube discovery, leading to an admiration for the vision of his compatriot, and ultimately to the decision to purchase a Nevera. His journey included a visit to the ‘Home of Rimac’, where he met the team and participated in the customization of his vehicle.

Dr. Škovrlj, akin to a kid in a candy store, spent time in the specification room of the Rimac facility, selecting from a plethora of shades, finishes, and bespoke touches to make his Nevera uniquely his. His final choice was a bold one: a deep Predator Black ‘Fantasy’ finish with a Red Blaze leather interior, gloss red brake calipers, and Infinitus-style wheels, among other custom features.

Mate Rimac, expressing his enthusiasm, noted, “Each Nevera is a story, a dream realized in carbon fiber and electrons.” He emphasized the significance of this delivery as a testament to Croatian roots, journey, and future aspirations. This event not only celebrates the first Croatian owner of a Nevera but also symbolizes the global impact of Rimac’s dream.

The Rimac Nevera, a marvel of design, engineering, and manufacturing, all executed at Rimac’s Croatian headquarters, continues to set world records and push the boundaries of automotive performance. This delivery in New York is not just a transaction, but a celebration of Croatian innovation, symbolizing a small nation’s giant leap onto the world stage of high-performance electric vehicles.

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