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CEAT Reinvents the Wheel for Bujji, the 6-Tonne Superstar of Kalki 2898AD

In an extraordinary leap in tyre technology, CEAT, a leading tyre manufacturer, has developed custom-built tyres for Bujji, a groundbreaking 6-tonne futuristic vehicle set to feature in the highly anticipated sci-fi action film Kalki 2898AD. This collaboration highlights CEAT’s innovative approach and capability to meet the demands of even the most advanced automotive designs.

Bujji, engineered by Mahindra and Jayem Motors, is a behemoth measuring 6075 mm in length, 3380 mm in width, and 2186 mm in height. With a kerb weight of 6 tonnes and an impressive torque of 9800 nm, the vehicle required specially designed tyres to match its engineering marvel. Featuring a canopy and hubless wheels, Bujji’s design pushed the boundaries of conventional automotive engineering.

CEAT’s custom-built tyres are a testament to their vision of ‘Crafting For The Curious,’ demonstrating their commitment to enabling exploration beyond conventional realms. These tyres are designed to handle both instant torque and cornering in off-road and on-road environments, featuring the industry’s lowest aspect ratio for enhanced aesthetic appeal and improved braking due to their wider design and larger rim fitment. The block design with a circular support base provides better traction and stability, while the specially designed shoulder optimizes cornering capabilities. The steel-belted construction ensures superior stability and puncture resistance, crucial for the vehicle’s high-performance needs.

Arnab Banerjee, MD & CEO of CEAT Limited, stated, “The custom-built tyres for Bujji represent the pinnacle of our engineering capabilities. At CEAT, we pride ourselves on crafting for the curious minds. We leveraged advanced materials and cutting-edge design principles to ensure that the tyres exceed performance expectations for this unique vehicle. We are proud to contribute to such a revolutionary project, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence in tyre manufacturing.”

Amit Tolani, Chief Executive of CEAT Specialty, remarked, “Collaborating on Bujji for Kalki 2898AD was an incredible opportunity for us. It allowed us to push our boundaries and explore new technologies and materials. Dyutiman Chatterjee and his R&D team brought this vision to life, showcasing their creativity and engineering prowess. This project has set the stage for our future in tyre innovation. Our team and our tyres are truly crafted for the curious, driving us to explore uncharted territories and envision the future.”

Eminent filmmaker Nag Ashwin, who is directing Kalki 2898AD, added, “Bujji is not just a prop; it’s a character in the film. The dedication and expertise of CEAT in developing these tyres have brought a vision to life that is beyond our expectations.”

With this project, CEAT has not only pushed the envelope of tyre technology but has also cemented its position as a leader in innovative and high-performance tyre manufacturing.

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