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Government Approves Construction of New 6-Lane Bridge Across River Ganga in Bihar

The Indian government, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, has sanctioned a significant infrastructure project involving the construction of a new 6-lane, 4556-meter-long high-level bridge across the River Ganga. This bridge, which is to be an extra-dosed cable-stayed structure, will run parallel to the western side of the existing Digha-Sonepur Rail-Cum-Road Bridge, enhancing connectivity between Patna and Saran districts in Bihar.

Project Cost and Construction Details

The project, with a total budget of Rs. 3,064.45 crore, will primarily focus on civil construction, accounting for Rs. 2,233.81 crore of the total expenditure. The bridge is expected to significantly ease traffic flow and promote the development of Bihar, particularly its northern regions.

Currently, Digha and Sonepur are connected by a bridge suitable only for light vehicles, hindering the transport of goods and commodities. The new bridge will address this limitation, facilitating the movement of heavy vehicles and boosting the region’s economic prospects.

Strategic Importance and Connectivity

This project is not just a transport initiative but also part of the larger Buddha circuit, enhancing access to significant cultural and religious sites like the Buddha Stupa at Vaishali, Keshariya, and the proposed Viraat Ramayan Mandir. It will link Patna to major highways, including the Golden Quadrilateral corridor, thereby improving connectivity across Bihar.

Economic Impact and Employment Opportunities

The bridge is anticipated to have a substantial economic impact, with an estimated Economic Internal Rate of Return (EIRR) ranging from 13.1% to 17.6%. It promises to shorten travel distances and times significantly. Additionally, the construction and maintenance phases are expected to create numerous job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers.

Implementation and Timeline

Adopting a modern approach, the project will be implemented using advanced technologies like 5D-Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Bridge Health Monitoring Systems (BHMS), with drone mapping to monitor quality. The project aims for completion within 42 months from the start date.

Regional Development and Connectivity

This ambitious project aims to bridge the gap between the northern and southern parts of Bihar, promoting socio-economic growth in the region. It also marks a critical step in the government’s ongoing efforts to improve national infrastructure and connectivity.

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