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Arctic Adventures Await: Alpine A290 Electric Hatch Zips and Slips Through Swedish Snow

In a thrilling display of innovation and endurance, the Alpine A290 has been stealing the spotlight in the chilly expanses of Sweden’s Lapland. This electric marvel, more than two years in the making, is undergoing rigorous testing in the bone-chilling conditions near the Arctic Circle, putting its dynamic prowess to the ultimate test.

The A290, a future sensation in the B-segment electric sports car arena, has been fine-tuning its agility and handling in low grip scenarios, a cornerstone of Alpine’s DNA. “We’re pushing boundaries in extreme conditions to ensure our A290 excels in every possible scenario,” says Alpine CEO, Philippe Krief. The focus? To meld all-weather capability with the iconic Alpine driving experience.

This hot hatch isn’t just about speed and agility. It’s a 5-seater offering Alpine’s signature blend of performance and practicality, set to make its grand debut in June 2024. But before it can grace the world’s roads, it’s braving the harsh Swedish winter, where temperatures often plunge below -30°C.

From its engine responsiveness to its innovative Nappa leather steering wheel with Formula 1-inspired features, the A290 leaves no stone unturned. It’s not just about going fast; it’s about mastering the elements, evidenced by meticulous testing of heating systems, defrosting capabilities, and snow-adapted electronic stability control.

This isn’t just any test drive. For its first official outing, the A290 donned an exclusive camouflage, featuring the ‘A-Arrow’ logo and Alpine Blue color scheme. The dimensions are now confirmed, and it sports definitive bodywork that’s sure to turn heads.

And let’s not forget the tyres – essential for mastering those slippery slopes. Alpine has teamed up with Michelin to equip the A290 with high-performance tyres, ensuring exceptional control and precision in the most severe winter conditions.

As the countdown to its June 2024 unveiling continues, the Alpine A290’s arctic escapades mark a significant milestone in its journey. It’s more than a car; it’s a statement. One that says, “Bring on the cold, the snow, and the ice. The A290 is ready.”

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