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BMW M4’s Purple Reign: Luxury Coupe’s Price Refuses to Dip in India

In the glamorous streets of Chennai, a 2017 BMW M4 F83 coupe, wrapped in an eye-catching Midnight Purple, refuses to bow down to the whims of the market. Priced at a hefty INR 75 lakh, this luxury vehicle, originally valued at INR 1.24 crore back in 2016, is making waves among car enthusiasts and critics alike.

This stylish beast isn’t just about looks. Under the hood lies a 3-liter TwinPower Turbo petrol engine, an Inline 6-cylinder marvel that has journeyed 27,000 km. With its automatic transmission and a powerful upgrade to 500+ horsepower, thanks to a Stage 2 enhancement, this car is a dream for speed lovers. The awe-inspiring AWE exhaust, accompanied by the original stock exhaust, ensures that this car roars as good as it looks.

But the M4 isn’t just flexing its muscles on the road. It’s flexing its financial muscles too. Despite a user, j.suryaa_, commenting on the overpriced nature of these cars, suggesting a more reasonable price tag in the vicinity of 55 lakhs, akin to the F80 M3s, the M4 stands firm. It’s a testament to the car’s enduring appeal and the prestige of the BMW brand.

The BMW M4, a version of the BMW 4 Series developed by the motorsport division, BMW M, has been a symbol of luxury and performance since its inception in 2014. The heart of this machine, the S55B30 engine, is a specially developed 3.0-litre inline-6 engine by BMW M GmbH, revving up to 7,600 rpm.

As the M4 sits in Sholinganallur, Chennai, with its first owner, boasting three sets of alloys and its original white color under the majestic purple wrap, it’s a reminder that in the world of luxury cars, some things just don’t change – like the BMW M4‘s refusal to lower its price.

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