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Dealerships Drive Down Carbon Footprint: Volkswagen Group Launches Eco-Friendly “Go Green or Go Home” Certification

In a groundbreaking stride toward a greener planet, Volkswagen Group has turbocharged its environmental efforts with the launch of the “goTOzero RETAIL” certificate, a first-of-its-kind initiative aiming to rev up sustainability across its global retail operations. As of February 14, in Wolfsburg/Kalisz, Poland, the first of approximately 17,000 dealerships spanning 150 countries has officially been awarded this green badge of honor, marking a significant shift in the automotive retail sector.

The first goTOzero RETAIL certificate was awarded today by Carla Wentzel (left), President of the Board of Volkswagen Group Poland and Hilke Krause, project lead goTOzero RETAIL Volkswagen Group, to Michał Ignaszak, owner of Ignaszak Prosta Spółka Akcyjna

Under the banner of the goTOzero environmental mission, Volkswagen, alongside its family of brands including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Škoda, SEAT/CUPRA, and Audi, is steering its global network toward a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. The goal? To cut carbon emissions by at least 30 percent by 2030, compared to 2020 levels, ensuring the planet remains a showroom-worthy place for future generations.

This eco-driven initiative evaluates dealerships on about 70 environmental criteria, spanning four key areas: climate change, resource usage, environmental compliance, and ecosystems. It’s not just about reducing emissions; it’s a holistic approach to sustainability, covering everything from energy-efficient buildings and waste management to the promotion of eco-friendly vehicles.

Hildegard Wortmann, a prominent member of the Group’s Extended Executive Committee for Sales, and Carla Wentzel, President of the Volkswagen Group Poland, have both praised the program. They highlight the importance of collective effort in environmental protection and congratulate Michał Ignaszak, the pioneering Polish dealer, for leading the charge toward sustainability.

The certification doesn’t just put a green stamp on dealerships; it’s a roadmap for continuous improvement. From Bronze to Platinum, the certification levels reflect the commitment and progress of each dealership toward greener operations. With the certificate valid for three years, dealerships are encouraged to keep pushing the green envelope, ensuring that eco-friendly practices drive their operations.

This initiative is more than a pat on the back for environmental efforts; it’s a beacon for the industry, signaling the shift towards sustainability that resonates with eco-conscious customers and makes dealerships more attractive employers. With the Volkswagen Group at the wheel, the journey towards a sustainable future is on the fast track, proving that when it comes to the environment, every dealership counts.

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