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Toyota Turbocharges the Town Car: Yaris Gets a Hybrid Hype-Up!

Brussels, Belgium – 15 February 2024: The streets of Europe are set to get a little more electrified and a whole lot more fun with the launch of Toyota’s latest offering, the new Yaris. Flaunting a revamped dual hybrid lineup, Toyota is shifting gears with more powertrain options to keep drivers both thrilled and thrifty. The spotlight shines on the “Hybrid 130”, a marvel of fifth-generation Toyota hybrid tech, standard in the Premiere Edition and GR Sport variants, promising an invigorating drive that doesn’t skimp on fuel efficiency.

Toyota’s commitment to constant improvement, or ‘kaizen’, has turbocharged the Yaris with enhancements in performance, safety, and style, ensuring it keeps its pole position in the competitive B-segment race. From the get-go, the new Yaris was engineered to outpace its predecessors with significant upgrades like an additional, more potent hybrid electric powertrain and a suite of advanced safety and driver assistance features, all wrapped up in a digitally enhanced user experience.

The “Hybrid 130” powertrain is the new kid on the block, boasting a 12% uplift in system output and a 30% increase in maximum torque, making every acceleration feel like a mini adrenaline rush. The Yaris isn’t just about speed; it’s also about smart driving, featuring predictive state-of-charge control for optimized fuel efficiency.

In a digital age, the Yaris keeps up, offering customizable instrument displays and the latest Toyota Smart Connect multimedia package for an effortless, intuitive user experience. The Smart Digital Key feature brings convenience to your fingertips, allowing smartphone-based access to the car for up to five users.

Safety is also in the driver’s seat, with the new Yaris expanding its arsenal of Toyota T-Mate features, including the latest Toyota Safety Sense driver assistance systems for safer, easier driving and parking.

The Premiere Edition leads the refreshed model lineup with an exclusive bi-tone Neptune Blue finish, making it the belle of the urban ball. Meanwhile, the GR Sport grade caters to those with a thirst for a sportier aesthetic, inspired by Toyota’s motorsport success.

With its history of high achievement, the Yaris continues to be a favorite, proving that big things indeed come in small packages. The new Yaris hatchback range is now on sale, ready to zip through the streets of Europe with more power, fun, and choice than ever before.

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