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Pagani Unveils Huayra R Evo: Where Open-Top Freedom Meets Extreme Track Thrills

In a breathtaking fusion of speed, style, and sheer power, Pagani Automobili has rolled out its latest masterpiece, the Huayra R Evo, an open-top hypercar that redefines the meaning of extreme performance. Nestled within the elite ranks of the Arte in Pista program, this vehicle is not just a car; it’s a ticket to a realm where the thrill of the track meets unparalleled luxury and innovation.

The Huayra R Evo, with its roots deeply embedded in the rich soil of racing history, draws inspiration from the adrenaline-fueled world of IndyCar and the legendary Le Mans races. Its design, a harmonious blend of past glories and futuristic aspirations, boasts the ‘codalunga’ or long-tail feature, meticulously evolved to dominate the racetrack.

At the heart of this beast lies the Pagani V12-R Evo engine, a marvel of engineering that pumps out 900 horsepower, ensuring that the Huayra R Evo not only talks the talk but walks the walk — at an astonishing pace. The car’s aerodynamic design has been fine-tuned to achieve a 45% increase in downforce, all while maintaining that signature Pagani ease of handling.

Pagani hasn’t just focused on power and speed; they’ve reimagined the cockpit with an eye towards the cutting-edge of motorsport technology, prioritizing safety without sacrificing an iota of style. The suspension system sees significant upgrades with the introduction of a new heave damper system, ensuring stability and precision that’s second to none.

And let’s not forget the brakes — the Huayra R Evo features the latest CCM-R self-ventilated carbon-ceramic discs, paired with bespoke racing pads, setting new standards for braking power and durability. To round off this masterpiece, the car sits on wider Pirelli P Zero Slick tires, offering unmatched control and gripping the track with unyielding determination.

Pagani’s latest offering is more than just a car; it’s a statement. A statement that when you remove the roof and unleash the power of the Huayra R Evo, you’re not just driving; you’re flying on the asphalt, wrapped in a symphony of speed that’s been carefully composed over two years of passionate development.

San Cesario sul Panaro has witnessed the birth of a new legend, and the track will never be the same again. The Huayra R Evo is not just a car; it’s a dream sculpted into reality, a dream that promises to deliver an unmatched track experience under the open sky. Hold onto your helmets; the Pagani Huayra R Evo is here to set the world ablaze with its exhilarating performance and breathtaking beauty.

POWER- 900 hp (662 kW) at 8,750 rpm
TORQUE- 770 Nm from 5,800 to 8,200 rpm
ENGINE- Pagani V12-R Evo, 6.0 liters, naturally aspirated 12-cylinder V 60° and longitudinal central position
GEARBOX- 6-speed sequential plus reverse, non-synchronized dog ring gearbox with sintered metal 3-disc racing clutch
TRANSMISSION- Rear-wheel drive
CHASSIS- Monocoque with integrated seats in Carbo-Titanium HP62 G2 and
Carbo-Triax HP62 with front and rear subframes in Cr-Mo alloy steel
SUSPENSION- Forged aluminum alloy independent double wishbone, helical springs and electronically controlled shock absorbers with additional heave damper per axle
BRAKES- Brembo CCM-R ventilated discs, front 410×38 mm with monolithic 6-piston calipers, rear 390×34 mm with monolithic 6-piston calipers
WHEELS- Forged monolithic aluminum alloy with carbon fiber extractor, front 19 inches and rear 20 inches
TYRES- Pirelli P Zero Slick, in Dry and Wet specs, front 280/680 R19 and rear 345/725 R20
DRY WEIGHT- 1,060 kg (2,336.94 lb)
DIMENSIONS- Length: 5180 mm (203.94 inches); width: 2077 mm (81.77 inches); height: 1164 mm (45.83 inches); wheelbase: 2792 mm (109.92 inches).
MAX SPEED- 350 km/h (218 mph)

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