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Hole-in-One for the Environment: Yamaha Drives Green with Hydrogen-Powered Golf Car at PGA Show 2024

IWATA, January 25, 2024 – In a game-changing move, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has stolen the spotlight at the PGA Show 2024 with its latest innovation – a hydrogen engine golf car, aptly named Drive H2. This eco-friendly marvel, developed by Yamaha Golf-Car Company (YGC), a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Corporation, marks a significant step towards sustainable golfing.

The DRIVE H2, a concept model based on the popular Drive2 Concierge4, a four-seater golf car sold extensively in the United States and globally, represents a bold leap in green technology. Unlike conventional internal combustion engines, Yamaha’s hydrogen engine emits zero CO2, marrying the reliability of traditional engines with the urgent need for decarbonization.

Nestled under the driver’s seat and at the back of the rear seat, the Drive H2 houses two high-pressure hydrogen tanks (25L each), fueling this groundbreaking vehicle.

Yamaha’s foray into hydrogen-powered vehicles isn’t limited to the golf course. The company has previously unveiled concept models for generators and ROVs, all sporting hydrogen engines. The showcase of the Drive H2 at the prestigious PGA Show in Orlando, Florida, underscores Yamaha’s commitment to a greener future.

This annual event, a cornerstone for the golf industry, is hosted by the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) of America. It brings together golf professionals and industry leaders from across the globe, offering a platform for networking, innovation, and the exploration of the latest products and ideas. The PGA Show remains an exclusive trade event, running from January 24 to 26, and is not open to the public. Yamaha’s participation not only highlights its technological advancements but also drives home the message of environmental responsibility in the world of sports.

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