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Gadkari Paves the Way to Prosperity: Majuli and Jorhat Get a Rs. 382 Crore Highway Hug!

In a move that has the potential to rewrite the roadways narrative of Assam, Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has given the green light to an ambitious Rs. 382.10 crore project. This project will see the birth of a spanking new 2-lane highway, complete with all the trimmings of paved shoulders, thus connecting Majuli and Jorhat over the newly christened NH 715K. But wait, there’s more! The package also includes a swanky flyover on NH-715, accompanied by its very own approaches and service roads, covering a grand total of 20.479 kilometers.

Taking to social media to share the news, Gadkari expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, which promises to bridge the current gap—quite literally—between Jorhat and Majuli. As of now, the locals have had to depend on the whims of river ferries to cross the Brahmaputra, a method that not only tests patience but also raises safety eyebrows, especially when the river decides to show its might during floods.

But fear not, for Gadkari has a plan. With the development of approach roads and the Majuli bridge, the project aims to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. This isn’t just about making commutes easier; it’s about unlocking the socio-economic potential of the region, boosting tourism, and making travel a breeze. In essence, Gadkari is not just laying down asphalt; he’s laying down the foundations for growth, prosperity, and a whole lot of road trips. Buckle up, Majuli and Jorhat; you’re in for a smoother ride!

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