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Meet the Silent Workhorse: The Pro XD Kinetic Electrifies the Worksite Without the Noise or the Fumes

Gone are the days of noisy, gas-guzzling utility vehicles chugging through the worksite. Say hello to the Pro XD Kinetic, the all-electric UTV from Polaris Commercial that’s turning heads and cutting carbon footprints down to size in Minneapolis, as of February 13, 2024. This isn’t just any electric vehicle; it’s a full-size, heavy-duty superhero, designed to tackle the toughest jobs without breaking a sweat—or emitting a single puff of exhaust.

Polaris, not content with leading the pack in electric UTV innovation with their game-changing Ranger XP Kinetic, has now outdone themselves with the Pro XD Kinetic. It’s like they took everything customers loved about their UTVs—durability, reliability, and the ability to carry a small mountain—and electrified it. According to Aaron Stegemann, the big boss over at Polaris Commercial, this UTV is all about giving customers what they’ve been dreaming of: a workhorse that can meet sustainability goals without sacrificing the power to get the job done.

What makes the Pro XD Kinetic stand out, aside from its silent but deadly approach to work? It’s got all the muscle of its gas and diesel cousins, capable of towing a whopping 2,500 lbs and hauling 1,250 lbs, with the added bonus of instant torque thanks to its partnership with Zero Motorcycles. And because it’s electric, it skips the spa days needed by its fossil-fueled relatives, cutting down maintenance costs by about 60 percent. That means more time on the job and less time in the shop.

Safety hasn’t taken a back seat, either. The Pro XD Kinetic comes decked out with bright orange seatbelts, flashy decals, and all the bells and whistles (literally) to keep the worksite safe. Plus, with the ability to sneak around at a whisper-quiet level, it’s perfect for those jobs where keeping the peace is just as important as getting the job done.

And for those worrying about the logistical nightmare of charging this beast, fear not. The Pro XD Kinetic is as flexible as it is powerful, happy to juice up from a standard wall outlet or a generator, making it the perfect plus-one for remote or undeveloped worksites.

In a nutshell, the Pro XD Kinetic from Polaris Commercial is more than just an electric UTV. It’s a statement that you can have your electric cake and eat it too, with all the power, reliability, and sustainability the modern worksite demands. And with an estimated $2,800 (INR 2.32 lakh) in fuel savings over five years, it’s not just the environment that’s getting a breath of fresh air—it’s your budget, too.

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