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No More Model Behavior: Daihatsu’s Certification Chaos Leaves Trucks in Limbo

In a turn of events that’s trucking unbelievable, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. finds itself in a bit of a jam as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) pulls the plug on the model certifications of three of its vehicles. This motley crew includes the Toyota Town Ace Truck (models: 5BF-S403U, 5BF-S413U), the Daihatsu Gran Max, and the Mazda Bondo – a trio that’s been cruising the streets with custom flair.

The Town Ace Truck, a Daihatsu special brewed for Toyota, is known for its chameleon-like ability to shape-shift according to the whims and fancies of its owners. This truck’s versatility has earned it a spot in the hearts (and driveways) of many.

However, it’s time to hit the brakes as Daihatsu issues a mea culpa for the inconvenience and worry this certification hiccup will cause to everyone from eager customizers to suppliers and dealers.

The root of the problem? Airbags that took a shortcut during testing, bypassing the use of mass-produced parts. This no-go in the certification playbook has led to the drastic decision to revoke the models’ certifications.

But don’t park your concerns just yet if you’re already rolling in one of these models. Daihatsu assures that the affected vehicles, despite their certification snafu, do meet safety standards. So, current owners can keep on trucking without any hiccups during vehicle inspections.

In response, Daihatsu and Toyota are shifting gears to address the issue head-on, focusing on customer concerns and taking steps towards Daihatsu’s rejuvenation. As they navigate these bumpy roads, the commitment to safety and satisfaction remains their driving force.

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