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Cupra Unleashes “Need for Speed” Editions of Formentor VZ5: Only 222 Lucky Drivers Get to Join the Exclusive Matte Club

Cupra’s Formentor VZ5 turns the speed dial up to “matte” with the release of two limited editions, adding a touch of personalized flair and some serious colour attitude to the high-octane crossover SUV. If you’re into cars that look as fast as they drive, you might just want to set your alarms—only 222 of these speedy beauties will hit the streets, celebrating Cupra’s birthday with a stylish nod to its start date, 22/2/2018.

Introducing the Formentor VZ5 in its latest party outfits: one in Century Bronze Matt for those who like their speed with a side of elegance, and the other in Enceladus Grey Matt, for the lovers of cool sophistication. Both editions come fully loaded with bespoke tweaks inside and out, ensuring that your ride won’t just be fast—it’ll be uniquely yours.

The Bronze Edition is like the golden ticket of the car world, boasting Carbon Fiber Copper mirror covers, exhaust pipes that whisper “speed”, and 20-inch copper alloy wheels that shout it. Inside, the CupBucket seats and stitched dashboard continue the theme of luxury at velocity.

Meanwhile, the Enceladus Grey Edition offers a more understated take on the theme, with dark chrome Cupra lettering, Carbon Fiber black mirror accents, and the same high-speed interior luxury as its bronze counterpart.

Each car also comes with a laser-engraved number on the door panel, just in case the matte finish and head-turning design weren’t exclusive enough. And under the hood? A five-cylinder engine that makes “fast” an understatement, delivering a ride that’s as thrilling as its appearance.

With only 222 units of each edition available, these Formentor VZ5 models aren’t just cars—they’re tickets to an exclusive club where speed meets style. Cupra’s message is clear: if you want to join the matte revolution, you’d better be quick!

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