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Mercedes-Benz Continues Support for Electric Mobility Bonus after German Government pulls out

Stuttgart: Mercedes-Benz has announced the continuation of its commitment to promoting electric mobility, following the decision by the German government to end the environmental bonus for fully electric vehicles (BEVs). In a statement released today, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that customers ordering eligible vehicles until January 31, 2024, will still receive both the manufacturer’s share and the previously state-funded portion of the environmental bonus.

Jörg Heinermann, Head of Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany (MBD), emphasized the company’s dedication to providing customers with certainty in their planning. “We want to offer our customers a sense of security in their decisions. Therefore, we are continuing the originally government-promised support for electric mobility for deliveries of eligible vehicles in January. In doing so, Mercedes-Benz will also cover the state portion of the funding.”

This supportive measure applies to vehicles ordered, registered, and delivered by January 31, 2024. Orders placed before this date but delivered after February 1, 2024, will still receive the manufacturer’s contribution. The funding amounts are based on the value limits originally set by the federal government for 2024, making various models like the EQA and EQB eligible.

After the abrupt end of the environmental bonus on December 18, 2023, Mercedes-Benz had already stepped in to cover both the manufacturer and the former state portion of the funding for orders placed, registered, and delivered by the end of 2023. The January 2024 policy is a continuation of this decision. Mercedes-Benz is currently reviewing whether to implement additional measures in this area.

The company’s initiative ensures the establishment of electric mobility, even after the cessation of state funding, and provides a significant incentive for customers to invest in this forward-looking technology. With these efforts, Mercedes-Benz reaffirms its commitment to sustainable mobility and environmental responsibility.

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