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Ferrari Unleashes the SF-24: A Vibrant Mashup of Speed, Style, and Strategy Hits the Track!

Maranello, 13 February 2024 – In a spectacle that combined the allure of digital viewership with an exclusive live gathering, Ferrari took the wraps off the SF-24, marking the brand’s 70th contender for the Formula 1 World Championship. The event, held at the Fiorano circuit, was graced by Ferrari’s top brass including President John Elkann, CEO Benedetto Vigna, and Vice-President Piero Ferrari. The unveiling was a star-studded affair with the team’s principal figures, Fred Vasseur, Charles Leclerc, and Carlos Sainz, taking center stage alongside partners and team members.

As the F1 circus gears up for its most packed season yet, featuring a record 24 races, all eyes are now on Bahrain where the SF-24 will make its track debut in a pre-season test, setting the stage for the season’s opening grand prix.

Breaking new ground, the SF-24 emerges as the third installment in the era of ground effect marvels in Formula 1. Spearheaded by Enrico Cardile’s design team, the car promises ease of handling and a reliable performance, drawing inspiration from the drivers’ positive feedback from the previous season’s finale. The team’s ambition is clear: to harness the synergy of the power unit and the drivers’ prowess to full effect.

A visual departure from its predecessors, the SF-24 dazzles with a livery that reintroduces white alongside the iconic yellow, nodding to Ferrari’s heritage and its broader racing commitments. The design, which last featured yellow stripes in 1968, showcases a lesser black presence, favoring a matte red finish that aligns with the WEC 499P’s hue. This year, the car dons red wheels adorned with white and yellow stripes, a fresh aesthetic twist that complements the race numbers in Ferrari Sans italicized font.

The SF-24 is set for its maiden voyage on the track, not just for the spectacle but as a crucial shakedown, offering the drivers a real-world feel of the car’s dynamics, an experience augmented by prior simulator sessions.

Team Principal Fred Vasseur expressed excitement over the new car’s debut, emphasizing the importance of a strong start to the season and the strategy to outmaneuver rivals through clinical race management. Acknowledging the pivotal role of Ferrari’s global fanbase, Vasseur is bullish about the team’s prospects in the upcoming fiercely contested championship.

Drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz shared their enthusiasm for the SF-24’s design and are eager to translate their simulator confidence into tangible results on the track. Their goal is simple: consistent front-running performance and celebrating victories with the tifosi.

Technical Directors Enrico Cardile and Enrico Gualtieri detailed the SF-24’s development, highlighting a comprehensive redesign aimed at delivering a car that not only meets but exceeds performance expectations. Despite the freeze on power unit development, Gualtieri underscored the adaptability required to navigate the season’s challenges, emphasizing collaboration with partners to enhance reliability and performance.

In summary, Ferrari’s SF-24 launch heralds a blend of innovation, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of victory, promising an electrifying Formula 1 season ahead.

SF-24 Specs-
Chassis made from carbon fibre composite honeycomb, with halo
protection for the cockpit.
Longitudinal Ferrari gearbox with 8 forward gears and reverse
Hydraulically controlled rear differential
Brembo ventilated carbon discs (front and rear) with electronically
controlled rear brakes
Push-rod front suspension, pull-rod rear suspension
Weight including coolant, oil and driver: 798 kg
18” front and rear wheels
Bodywork and seat in carbon fibre
Power unit
Name: 066/12
Cubic capacity: 1600 cc
Maximum rpm: 15,000
Supercharging: single turbocharger
Maximum fuel flow rate: 100 kg/hr
Configuration: 90° V6
Bore: 80 mm
Stroke: 53 mm
4 valves per cylinder
Direct injection, max 500 bar
ERS System
Configuration: hybrid energy recovery system with electric motor
Battery pack: Lithium-ion batteries with a minimum weight of 20 kg
Maximum battery pack capacity: 4 MJ
MGU-K maximum power: 120 kW (163cv)
MGU-K maximum rpm: 50,000
MGU-H maximum rpm: 125,000

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