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Toyota Thailand Unveils ‘New Corolla Cross’: The SUV That Promises to Add More Joy to Every Journey

Bangkok, February 8, 2024 – In an event that combined high spirits with high specs, Toyota Motor Thailand’s top brass, including Chairman Kalin Sarasin, President Noriaki Yamashita, Executive Vice President Suphakorn Rattanawaraha, and Vice President Nutthorn Sinives, rolled out the red carpet for the much-anticipated SUV, the New Corolla Cross. Dubbed “The Vehicle That Completes Your Life,” this launch took place at Central World’s Eden Zone, promising a fusion of technology and style designed to fit every facet of modern living.

Since its global debut in the Thai market back in 2020, the Corolla Cross has carved out a niche for itself with its blend of sleek design and practicality, amassing sales of over 71,160 units. The 2024 model ups the ante with enhancements across the board, showcasing a “Multi-Dimensional Design” front grille, cutting-edge LED Crystalized Head Lamps, and a host of tech upgrades like a 10.1-inch HD touchscreen with wireless smartphone connectivity and an array of advanced safety features.

Yamashita highlighted the past year’s challenges and successes for Toyota Thailand, emphasizing the company’s resilience and innovation in the face of market shifts and increased competition. He also outlined Toyota’s commitment to a “Multiple Pathway Strategy” towards carbon neutrality, underscoring the importance of providing diverse mobility solutions to meet the varied needs of customers.

The New Corolla Cross, introduced as a world premiere in Thailand, embodies Toyota’s vision for premium mobility, boasting significant upgrades in both design and functionality. From its luxurious interior options, including a new Dark Rose color scheme, to its fuel-efficient hybrid engine offering up to 23.3 km per liter, the vehicle is a testament to Toyota’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Vice President Sinives elaborated on the “Urban x Premium” concept guiding the vehicle’s development, aiming to cater to the sophisticated demands of urban users and modern families. The marketing strategy, as outlined by Executive Vice President Rattanawaraha, focuses on positioning the New Corolla Cross as the ideal choice for executives and modern families, looking to “Fulfill…every meaning of life.”

With a sales target of 1,500 units per month and special introductory offers including attractive financing rates, Toyota is confident that the New Corolla Cross will not only meet but exceed customer expectations. The launch event, “Complete your life…Drive with elegance,” and the subsequent nationwide promotion, “Complete your life…Drive with love,” invite potential customers to experience the difference firsthand.

As the New Corolla Cross hits the showrooms with its promise of completing lives and driving with elegance, Toyota continues to drive forward, blending innovation with a touch of humor, ensuring that every journey is not just about reaching a destination but enjoying the ride.

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