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Pagani Unveils Huayra Epitome: A Singular V12 Masterpiece of Automotive Excellence

San Cesario sul Panaro, July 2, 2024 – Pagani Automobili proudly introduces the Huayra Epitome, a unique creation from the Grandi Complicazioni division, showcasing unparalleled levels of customization and technological advancement. This bespoke masterpiece exemplifies Pagani’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of hypercar design and performance.

A Singular Vision

The Huayra Epitome is not just another hypercar; it is a testament to the collaborative creativity between Pagani and its discerning clients. This project began with a clear vision from the client: to create a unique vehicle that epitomizes the Huayra’s highest expression of elegance and performance. Named “Epitome” to signify the essence of this vision, the car is the first Huayra to feature a manual transmission, blending cutting-edge technology with a pure mechanical driving experience.

Lorenzo Kerkoc, Head of Pagani Grandi Complicazioni, explained, “The client wanted to elevate the Huayra’s performance while maintaining its elegance. This collaboration involved meticulous attention to detail, with every component designed from scratch, akin to a series production vehicle. The process, though complex, was incredibly rewarding due to the passion and clear vision of our client.”

Pinnacle of Pagani Technology

At the heart of the Huayra Epitome lies the formidable Pagani V12 engine, delivering 864 HP and 1,100 Nm of torque. This 5,980 cc twin-turbocharged powerhouse, crafted by AMG to Pagani’s specifications, ensures exhilarating performance with a redline extended to 6,700 rpm. The inclusion of a manual transmission, paired with an electronically controlled differential and a racing-style tri-pod driveshaft, offers an unmatched driving experience.

Technological advancements in the Epitome extend to its suspension system, designed to minimize dive, pitch, and roll, enhancing control and safety. A unique “super soft” suspension mode can be activated for extra comfort on rough roads, automatically reverting to normal settings at speeds above 150 km/h.

The lightweight titanium exhaust system creates a symphonic acceleration sound, enhanced by a special four-exhaust button. Forged aluminum alloy wheels, inspired by the client’s Imola Coupé, are paired with Pirelli P Zero™ Trofeo R tires, providing exceptional grip and performance.

Design: A Blend of Art and Engineering

The Huayra Epitome’s design is a blend of aesthetic purity and functional elegance. Custom-made front and rear bumpers, exclusive light clusters, and a new wheel arch air extraction system contribute to its timeless appeal. The redesigned front bumper integrates a splitter to enhance downforce, while the rear hood features an integrated wing, sculpted to optimize aerodynamics and elevate aesthetics.

The unique light units, with four front lights and two DRL elements on the bumper, improve lighting efficiency and add to the car’s exclusivity. The aerodynamic enhancements, inspired by the Huayra R, balance the car in all driving conditions, making it a true masterpiece of design and engineering.

Grandi Complicazioni Division

Pagani’s Grandi Complicazioni division specializes in creating ultra-limited series cars, embodying complex technologies and master craftsmanship. Inspired by the world of Haute Horlogerie, this division offers endless customization options, from design concepts to material finishes, ensuring each vehicle is a bespoke work of art.

The Huayra Epitome is a shining example of Pagani’s commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and client collaboration, setting a new benchmark in the world of hypercars.

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