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Volkswagen Golf celebrates 50th birthday, learn about the history of this icon

Wolfsburg, Germany – Volkswagen is gearing up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic Golf model, a vehicle that has not only redefined the compact car segment but has also become a symbol of innovation and reliability worldwide. With more than 37 million units sold across eight generations, the Golf has been a cornerstone of Volkswagen’s success.

A New Chapter Begins with the Latest Golf Generation

As the world anticipates the upcoming premiere of the latest Golf generation, Volkswagen is set to unveil the evolutionary development of this beloved model. The new Golf will feature visually refined elements, advanced assist systems, cutting-edge powertrains, and next-gen infotainment systems and software. This launch, scheduled for the end of January 2024, with pre-sales beginning in spring, marks a significant milestone in the Golf’s illustrious history.

From Revolution to Icon: The Golf’s Journey

The Golf’s journey began in 1974 as a revolutionary successor to the Volkswagen Beetle. Its front-wheel drive, variable overall concept, and Giorgetto Giugiaro’s straight-line design set new standards in automotive design and functionality. Achieving the status of “Volkswagen” in record time, the Golf quickly ascended to icon status, becoming Europe’s most successful car and an enduring bestseller.

Each Golf generation brought with it groundbreaking innovations, from monitored catalytic converters and anti-lock braking systems to airbags, cruise control, and hybrid drives. This commitment to technology and safety democratized many features, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Celebrating History and Innovation

To commemorate this milestone, Volkswagen Classic will showcase historic Golf models, including the Generations I to VII, at various events. The “Salon Rétromobile” show in Paris and the “Bremen Classic Motorshow” will be key venues where enthusiasts can witness the evolution of this iconic model, including the Golf I and the unique EA 276 concept car from 1969.

The Golf’s Legacy: A Brief Retrospective

  • Golf 1st Generation (1974 – 1983): The era of front-engine and front-wheel drive began, revolutionizing Volkswagen’s approach with over 6.9 million units sold.
  • Golf 2nd Generation (1983 – 1991): Marking technological advancements like the controlled catalytic converter and all-wheel drive, this generation solidified Golf’s design DNA.
  • Golf 3rd Generation (1991 – 1997): A focus on safety, introducing front airbags and significant improvements in crash characteristics.
  • Golf 4th Generation (1997 – 2003): A design and quality leap, introducing ESP and other advanced features.
  • Golf 5th Generation (2003 – 2008): Setting new standards in comfort and dynamics, featuring a laser-welded body and advanced suspension.
  • Golf 6th Generation (2008 – 2012): Enhancing safety and quality, with a focus on new assistance systems.
  • Golf 7th Generation (2012 – 2019): Reversing the weight spiral and embracing new assistance technologies.
  • Golf 8th Generation (2019-): A digital, connected, and progressive model leading Europe’s car market.

As Volkswagen prepares to unveil the latest iteration of the Golf, it’s clear that this model is not just a car but a legacy – one that has shaped the automotive industry and continues to lead the way into the future.

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