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India Weaves a Highway Garland: Bharatmala Pariyojana Knits 76% of Its Phase-I Roadways

In an ambitious stride to garland the nation with seamless connectivity, the Bharatmala Pariyojana project has made considerable progress, with 76% of its Phase-I highways either awarded or under construction. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, this mammoth initiative aims to stitch together 34,800 kilometers of national highways, effectively transforming the country’s transportation landscape. As of December 2023, a whopping 26,418 kilometers have been earmarked for development, with 15,549 kilometers already paving the way to a more interconnected India.

In the picturesque state of Andhra Pradesh, the project is gearing up to lay down 384 kilometers of new roads at an estimated cost of Rs. 6,586 crore, promising to boost regional connectivity and economic growth. Meanwhile, Telangana is not far behind, with 1,026 kilometers out of the proposed 1,719 kilometers already on the fast track to development.

With an investment of Rs.4.23 lakh crore funneling into Phase-I alone, the Bharatmala Pariyojana is on a mission to redefine road travel in India. By weaving together 550 district headquarters through a network of at least four-lane highways, increasing the corridors from six to 50, and channeling 80% of freight traffic onto national highways, this project is not just about roads; it’s about creating lifelines that will foster economic synergy across the nation.

Under the stewardship of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, the initiative is a testament to the government’s commitment to building a more connected and prosperous India. As the Bharatmala Pariyojana continues to roll out its carpet of roads, bridges, tunnels, and flyovers, it brings the vision of a seamless and efficient transportation network closer to reality, promising to turn India into a veritable garland of connectivity and progress.

State wise summary of Bharatmala Pariyojana-

State NameTotal Project Length (km)Awarded Project Length (km)Length completed (km)
Jammu &Kashmir43325188
Madhya Pradesh3,0632,0171,137
Tamil Nadu2,4141,4761,011
West Bengal874385277
Grand Total34,80026,41815,549

Bharatmala Phase-I Projects status

 Sr. No. Implementati on Agency  Corridor name  Project name Project Length (km) Approval StatusComple ted Length until Dec’23(Km)
 1 NHAI Indore – HyderabadMangloor to Telangana Maharashtra Border 49 Awarded 49
 2 NHAIIndore – HyderabadSangareddy – Nanded (Pkg. II) Ramsanpalle toMangloor 47 Awarded 47
 3 NHAIIndore – HyderabadSangareedy – Nanded – Akola (Pkg-I) [From Kandito Ramsanpalle] 40 Awarded 39
 4 NHAISolapur – Kurnool -ChennaiKT/TL Border – Kurnool Package 1 39 Awarded 0
 5 NHAISolapur – Kurnool -ChennaiKT/TL Border – Kurnool Package 2 38 Awarded 0
 6 NHAISuryapet (Hyderabad) – Devrapalli (Vishakhapatnam) Suryapet – Khammam 59 Awarded 59
   7   NHAI  Suryapet (Hyderabad) – Devrapalli (Vishakhapatna m) Khammam-Devarapalle Pkg I [4L Access Controlled (Greenfield) from Thallampadu village to Somavaram village (Design Chainage 0+000 to 33+604)]   34   Awarded   13
  8  NHAI Suryapet (Hyderabad) – Devrapalli (Vishakhapatna m)Khammam-Devarapalle Pkg II [4L Access Controlled (Greenfield) from Somavaram village to Chintagudem village (Design Chainage 33+604to 63+117)]  30  Awarded  9
  9  NHAI Suryapet (Hyderabad) – Devrapalli (Vishakhapatna m)Khammam-Devarapalle Pkg III [4L Access Controlled (Greenfield) from Chintagudem village to Recherla village (Design Chainage 63+117 to105+236)]  42  Awarded  18
 10 NHAIJagtial – Karimnagar -Warangal Jagtial – Karimnagar 59DPR in progress –
 11 NHAIJagtial – Karimnagar -Warangal Warangal – Karimnagar 58 Awarded 5
 12 MoRTHJamandapalle – MangalwarpetJamandapalle – Mangalwarpet 33 Awarded 33
 13 MoRTHNakrekai – NagarjusagarDamNakrekai – Nagarjusagar Dam 85 Awarded 79
 14 NHAINagpur – Hyderabad (NS)Construction of two VUPs at Kompally on Nagpur -Hyderabad section 0 Awarded 0
  15  NHAI  Pune – Hyd – VijayawadaNorthern part of Hyderabad Regional Ring Road ( Sangareddy – Narsapur – Tupran – Gajwel- Yadagirigutta – Choutuppal sectionNH161AA  165  DPR in progress  –
16MoRTHKurnool-ChennaiKalwakurthy Kollapur79Awarded12
 17 MoRTH Kurnool-ChennaiBridge connecting Kollapur andSangameshwar 1Not yet awarded –
18MoRTHKurnool-ChennaiKollapur- Sangameshwar12Not yetawarded
19MoRTHKurnool-ChennaiSangameshwar- Nandyala63Not yet awarded
20MoRTHKurnool-ChennaiNallakaluva-Velugodu18DPR inprogress
 21 MoRTH Hyderabad- VijayawadaGowrelly-Valigonda NH- 930P from Km 0.000 to Km 41.920 41 Not yet awarded –
 22 MoRTHHyderabad- VijayawadaNehrunagar-Kothagudem NH-930P from Km 178.500to Km 230.605 51Not yet Awarded –
 23 MoRTHHyderabad- VijayawadaThorrur-Nehrunagar NH- 930P from Km 109.420 to178.500 67Notyet Awarde d –
 24 MoRTHHyderabad- VijayawadaValigonda-Thorrur NH- 930P from Km 39.180 toKm 108.300 60 Awarded 10
 25 MoRTHMangalore- Raichur-HyderabadMahabubnagar-Chincholi Km 0.000 to Km 60.255NH-167N Pkg-1 60 Awarded 21
 26 MoRTHMangalore- Raichur-HyderabadMahabubnagar-Chincholi Km 60.255 to Km 102.834NH-167N Pkg-2 43 Awarded 0
 27 MoRTHArmoor – WarangalMedak-Siddipet Km 0.000 to Km 69.978 NH-765DGPkg-1 70 Awarded 40
 28 MoRTHArmoor – WarangalSiddipet-Elkathurthy Km 69.978 to Km 133.619 NH-765DG Pkg-2 64 Awarded 26
29NHAINagpur -Hyderabad (NS)6L Km 22.300 to Km34.100 of NH-44 (N-S)12Awarded0
30NHAINagpur -Hyderabad (NS)6L from Km 454.000 to471.000 (N-S)17Awarded4
31NHAINagpur – Hyderabad (NS)6L from Km 471.000 to481.000 (N-S)10Awarded5
32NHAIHyderabad -PanajiMarikal-Deosugur48DPR inprogress
33NHAIHyderabad -PanajiJadcherla- Marikal59DPR inprogress
  34  MoRTH  Hyderabad- AurangabadMadnoor,Sonala,     Thadi    Hipperga, Limboor, Sirpur, Pothang al, Kotagiri, Rudrur, Bod han, Basar and terminating at Bhainsa inthe state of Telangana.  56  Awarded  22 
 35 MoRTH Buffer length due to projects removed fromBPP-I 109.8DPR in progress – 
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