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Ahmedabad Welcomes Gujarat’s Priciest New Resident: A luxurious Genesis G80 sedan!

In a move that’s turning heads and emptying wallets, Ahmedabad has recently become the proud home of Gujarat’s first Genesis G80, one of only eight swanky sedans gracing Indian roads. This luxury liner on wheels, with its hefty INR 1 crore price tag, is not just about lavish spending but a statement of style and exclusivity.

Previously seen chauffeuring dignitaries at the G20 summit in India, these Genesis cars, originally part of Hyundai India’s fleet, have now found their way into the garages of a select few. Post-summit, dealers got their hands on these beauties, and quickly passed them on to eager customers with a taste for luxury and a wallet to match.

Hyundai, not one to miss a beat, is eyeing the Indian market for a grand launch of the Genesis brand. Known for its elegance and opulence, the Genesis G80, an executive sedan, is the brainchild of the South Korean luxury marque Genesis, a division of Hyundai Motor Company. The G80, a name synonymous with luxury, started its journey as the second-generation Hyundai Genesis (DH) before getting its royal rebranding in 2016.

The G80, or the RG3 as it’s known internally, is a mirror image of its SUV cousin, boasting a commanding grille, striking front and rear fascias, and an interior that oozes luxury. Built on the M3 platform, this mid-size marvel is available in rear- or all-wheel drive.

Not just a pretty face, the G80 offers a choice of engines: a 2.5-liter gasoline turbo, a 3.5-liter gasoline turbo, or a 2.2-liter diesel, ensuring there’s power to back up its panache. The design features quad-headlamps, a prominent crest grille, a sleek side profile with a parabolic line, and a fastback-type view. At the rear, the taillamps echo the headlamp’s design, adding to its cohesive aesthetic.

The interior is nothing short of a luxury lounge, with Nappa leather seats, Open Pore wood trim, and slim air conditioning vents. The dashboard’s horizontal layout, inspired by Genesis’ “Beauty of White Space” philosophy, brings a unique South Korean flavor to the vehicle. And for the tech-savvy, there’s even a glass-covered SBW (shift-by-wire) transmission.

With this addition to Ahmedabad’s roads, it’s clear that luxury has a new address in Gujarat, and it’s cruising the streets in a Genesis G80!

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