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Bentley Melds Valor and Velvet: The One-Off Bentayga Salutes War Hero with Threads and Treads

In an unparalleled fusion of courage and couture, Bentley has rolled out the red carpet for a luxury SUV like no other—the Bentayga, inspired by the valor of Private Jack White V.C., a World War I hero whose bravery transcended the battlefield to the realms of high fashion. Commissioned by Bentley Manchester and crafted with the meticulous care of Mulliner, this bespoke Bentayga is not just a car but a homage to British heritage, marrying handmade craftsmanship with the sartorial elegance of Private White V.C.’s fashion lineage.

In Crewe, on the 12th of February 2024, Bentley Motors unveiled what can only be described as a masterpiece on wheels: a limited edition, one-of-a-kind Bentayga that captures the essence of Private White’s gallantry. With copper detailing that echoes the telephone wire Private White used to save his comrades under gunfire, to the unique 22” wheels that carry the weight of history, this vehicle is a moving tribute to a hero’s legacy.

The interior boasts a panorama of bespoke elements, from the silhouette of ‘Cottenham House’—the birthplace of the Private White V.C. brand—to organ stops in anodised copper, and seating adorned with the Victoria Cross emblem. Adding to the exclusivity, the lucky owner of this limited edition Bentayga will also receive a capsule collection of bespoke clothing from Private White V.C., each piece handcrafted with the same dedication to quality and British tradition.

Private Jack White’s story, from gallantry in war to pioneering in fashion, forms the backdrop to this extraordinary collaboration. The Manchester-based Private White V.C. brand continues to stand as a testament to British craftsmanship, offering garments that blend timeless style with historical significance. From supplying trench coats to the Allied Forces in World War I to aiding the national effort against COVID-19 with medical-grade gowns and masks, their legacy is interwoven with resilience and innovation.

This Bentayga is more than a luxury SUV; it’s a narrative on wheels, a collector’s dream that drives home the message of courage, service, and unparalleled style. Already claimed by a local enthusiast, this Bentley is not just a vehicle but a vessel of history, luxury, and a tribute to a hero who bridged the divide between the battlefield and the fashion world with unwavering bravery and a legacy that continues to inspire.

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