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Mercedes-AMG F1 Team Launches W15: A Bold Step Forward in the Race for Formula 1 Domination

In an electrifying turn of events, the Mercedes-AMG F1 team has rolled out their latest marvel, the W15 E Performance, marking a pivotal leap towards reclaiming Formula 1 glory. Toto Wolff, the team’s mastermind, openly acknowledges the steep ascent they face but is buoyed by an off-season of intense focus and unwavering determination. James Allison, the wizard behind the machine, delves into the iterative magic of car design, revealing efforts to vanquish past demons and lay down a solid foundation for future triumphs.

As the countdown to the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship ticks away, the team reflects on a whirlwind of activity at their Brackley and Brixworth lairs. Following a reflective post-mortem of the previous season’s opener, the team embarked on a mission of renewal, clawing their way to second in the Constructors’ Championship by year-end. With a renewed spirit, Wolff and his crew have poured their ambitions into the W15, eagerly awaiting to test their mettle.

The W15 is not just a car; it’s a beacon of progress, embodying major leaps in chassis and aerodynamics, and a relentless pursuit of harmony between the machine and the tarmac. The team’s focus on refining the car’s aerodynamic dance and taming its unpredictable rear has been a saga of meticulous engineering and innovation.

In a nod to its illustrious heritage, the W15 dons a livery that blends the iconic Mercedes silver with the formidable black, marking the 90th anniversary of the Silver Arrows. This visual symphony is not just about aesthetics; it’s a statement of identity and a testament to the team’s commercial prowess, attracting a constellation of blue-chip partners.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, the duo tasked with taming the W15’s power, share a blend of optimism and realism. Their journey has been one of learning and adaptation, with a clear focus on overcoming the W14’s capricious nature. The team’s spirit, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence fuel their drive towards the 2024 season.

The narrative would be incomplete without a nod to the symphonic collaboration with Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP). Despite regulatory constraints, the quest for the pinnacle of performance and reliability continues, with an eye on the challenges and opportunities that the record-breaking 2024 calendar presents.

As the W15 prepares to grace the Silverstone circuit for its inaugural run, the team stands on the threshold of a new chapter. With Bahrain beckoning, Wolff’s words resonate with cautious optimism and a readiness to face the unknown, embodying the spirit of Formula 1’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

In the high-octane world of Formula 1, the Mercedes-AMG F1 team’s latest gambit with the W15 E Performance is more than just a launch—it’s a declaration of intent and a promise of an exhilarating journey ahead.


Monocoque: Moulded carbon fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Bodywork: Carbon fibre composite including engine cover, sidepods, floor, nose, front wing, and rear wing
Cockpit: Removable driver’s seat made of anatomically formed carbon composite, six-point driver
safety harness, HANS system
Safety Structures: Cockpit survival cell incorporating impact-resistant construction and penetration
panels, front impact structure, prescribed side impact structures, integrated rear impact structure, front
and rear roll structures, titanium driver protection structure (halo)
Front Suspension: Carbon fibre wishbone and push rod-activated springs and dampers
Rear Suspension: Carbon fibre wishbone and push rod-activated inboard springs & dampers
Wheels: BBS forged magnesium
Tyres: Pirelli
Brake System: Carbone Industries Carbon / Carbon discs and pads with rear brake-by-wire
Brake Calipers: Brembo monobloc calipers in nickel-plated aluminium alloy machined from solid
block (front and rear)
Steering: Power-assisted rack and pinion
Steering Wheel: Carbon fibre construction
Electronics: FIA standard ECU and FIA homologated electronic and electrical system
Instrumentation: McLaren Electronic Systems (MES)
Fuel System: ATL Kevlar-reinforced rubber bladder
Lubricants & Fluids: PETRONAS Tutela
Gearbox: Eight speed forward, one reverse unit with carbon fibre main case
Gear Selection: Sequential, semi-automatic, hydraulic activation
Clutch: Carbon plate

Overall Length: Over 5000mm
Overall Width: 2000mm
Overall Height: 970mm
Overall Weight: 798kg
Power Unit Specification
Type: Mercedes-AMG F1 M15 E PERFORMANCE
Minimum Weight: 150 kg
Power Unit Perimeter:
Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)
Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic (MGU-K)
Motor Generator Unit – Heat (MGU-H)
Turbocharger (TC)
Energy Store (ES)
Control Electronics (CE)
Power Unit Allocation:
Four ICE, TC, MGU-K & MGU-H per driver per season
Two ES & CE per driver per season
Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)
Capacity: 1.6 litres
Cylinders: Six
Bank Angle: 90
No of Valves: 24
Max rpm ICE: 15,000 rpm
Max Fuel Flow Rate: 100 kg/hour (above 10,500 rpm)
Fuel Injection: High-pressure direct injection (max 500 bar, one injector/cylinder)
Pressure Charging: Single-stage compressor and exhaust turbine on a common shaft
Max rpm Exhaust Turbine: 125,000 rpm
Energy Recovery System (ERS)
Architecture: Integrated Hybrid energy recovery via electrical Motor Generator Units
Energy Store: Lithium-Ion battery solution of minimum 20 kg regulation weight
Max useable energy storage on track: 4 MJ
Max rpm MGU-K: 50,000 rpm
Max power MGU-K: 120 kW (161 hp)
Max energy recovery/lap MGU-K: 2 MJ
Max energy deployment/lap MGU-K: 4 MJ (33.3 s at full power)
Max rpm MGU-H: 125,000 rpm
Max power MGU-H: Unlimited
Max energy recovery/lap MGU-H: Unlimited
Max energy deployment/lap MGU-H: Unlimited
Fuel & Lubricants
Fuel: PETRONAS Primax
Lubricants: PETRONAS Syntium

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