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BMW Revs Up In-Car Entertainment: Ubigi eSIM Integration Brings Unlimited Data Joyrides to European Roads

Munich Goes Mega-Connected: BMW’s Latest Tech Leap with Ubigi’s eSIM

Munich is on the fast lane to digitalization, and BMW drivers are buckling up for an upgraded ride. Starting now, BMW enthusiasts in France and Germany can supercharge their vehicles with Transatel’s Ubigi 5G data plans. This turbo-boost of connectivity is not just about speed; it’s about an infotainment extravaganza, right from the comfort of their car seats.

The digital journey doesn’t stop in Germany and France. BMW has its GPS set for further European destinations, promising an expansion of this high-tech service. How does one get this digital superpower? It’s a breeze! BMW owners can effortlessly set up their Personal eSIM through the My BMW App, tapping into Ubigi’s European data buffet (EU 27 + UK + CH) for just €10 a month. And what do they get? Unlimited data! (Well, with a fair-use cap of 100 GB in high speed and roaming across 27 European countries, but who’s counting?)

The vehicles eligible for this upgrade are those sporting the BMW Operating System 8, 8.5, and 9 with the Personal eSIM (SA6PA) feature. What does this mean for passengers? A WiFi hotspot on wheels, first-row video streaming, and for those cruising in a 7 series with a BMW Theatre Screen, a plethora of Amazon Fire TV entertainment options.

Dr. Céline Laurent-Winter, the brain behind BMW’s connected vehicle platforms, is thrilled about the partnership with Ubigi. It’s not just about more digital content; it’s about giving BMW drivers the freedom to connect without limits.

Jacques Bonifay, the CEO of NTT Data’s global MVNO Transatel, can hardly contain his excitement. Since 2018, they’ve been zooming ahead in the connected car industry, and this BMW partnership is set to shift gears even higher.

So, BMW drivers, start your engines and get ready for a data-driven ride like no other. The future of in-car entertainment has arrived, and it’s fully loaded!

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