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Nissan UK’s New App Feature Promises to ‘Find My Car’ for Those Unfortunate Parking Mishaps and Beyond

February 13th, 2024, London, UK – Nissan is taking the ‘lost and found’ to a whole new level with the launch of its Stolen Vehicle Tracking feature, ensuring that losing your car in the UK now comes with a digital safety net. Rolled out as the latest wizardry in the NissanConnect Services app, this feature is Nissan’s way of saying, “We’ve got your back,”—or more accurately, your car’s back.

In a move that marries technology with tranquility, Nissan’s partnership with Vodafone Automotive gives customers the superpower to locate their vehicles via GPS if they ever go missing. This isn’t just any search party; it’s a high-tech pursuit with Vodafone operatives and law enforcement in the mix, capable of remotely deactivating the ignition to halt thieves in their tracks.

The feature covers the trailblazing trio of Nissan models: the ARIYA, Qashqai (from June 2022), and X-Trail (since September 2022), with a £99 ticket for a year-long peace of mind. It’s like having a personal detective for your car, only it’s on your phone and doesn’t wear a trench coat.

Activation is a breeze through the NissanConnect Services app, where customers can also engage in less espionage-like activities, such as honking their horn remotely (because why not?) or unlocking their doors from afar. The app also caters to the electric vehicle crowd with remote climate control, ensuring your ride is cool before you even get in.

Guillaume Pelletreau, Vice President, Electrification and Connected Services at Nissan AMIEO, frames it as a boon for customers, providing them the confidence to park their Nissans wherever they please, knowing they have a digital tether to their vehicle at all times. It’s an addition to the NissanConnect Services app that’s not just about finding your car in a crowded lot but also about reclaiming it from the clutches of car thieves.

With features that range from monitoring your vehicle’s health to ensuring it’s not speeding without you, Nissan’s suite of app functionalities now includes a way to keep your car safe, sound, and importantly, trackable across Europe. It’s a digital leash for your car, ensuring it never strays too far from home—or at least, if it does, you’ll know exactly where it’s gone.

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