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Bentley Signs Armed Forces Covenant in High-Gear Commitment to Veterans

In a high-octane move, Bentley Motors roared into the spotlight by signing the Armed Forces Covenant, putting the pedal to the metal in its commitment to the Armed Forces Community. This landmark event, which took place at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, was attended by key figures from the Ministry of Defence and Dr. Karen Lange, Member of the Board for HR. Bentley’s signature on this covenant turbocharges its Beyond100 strategy, steering towards being the most diverse and inclusive luxury car company in the world.

With the ink barely dry, Bentley’s engines are revving up to support armed forces personnel, both past and present, and their families. The company’s commitment ensures fair and respectful treatment, making sure that military service is never a speed bump in their Bentley journey.

Bentley is not just cruising in the slow lane when it comes to supporting veterans. They’re accelerating their efforts to be the top employer for ex-military personnel, integrating military skills and qualifications into their recruitment process. They’re also partnering with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) to help Service leavers shift gears into civilian careers.

In a show of solidarity, Bentley is also boosting support for Reserve Forces members and military cadet organization volunteers among its staff, giving them extra leave for annual training.

This commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant is just one of the cogs in Bentley’s machine of initiatives to support the local British Legion, including participation in Armed Forces Day, Reserves Day, the Poppy Appeal Day, and Remembrance activities.

Emma Humphries, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Bentley, commented, “By joining the Armed Forces Covenant, Bentley shifts into high gear in acknowledging the importance of supporting our servicemen and women. It’s our way of expressing unity, solidarity, and gratitude towards those who serve.”

Chris Cole, Product Line Director at Bentley and sponsor of the BeReady for Armed Forces and Blue Light Services network, added, “This is a turbocharged moment for Bentley. Our commitment to the covenant showcases our dedication to our veteran workforce and opens the road for future heroes to join the Bentley family.”

Bentley’s maneuver in signing the covenant not only highlights its commitment to diversity and inclusion but also spotlights the valuable skills and experiences that veterans bring to the luxury automaker. It’s a green light for a future where the bravery and dedication of armed forces personnel are celebrated and supported in the fast lane of the corporate world.

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