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Rolls-Royce Unleashes ‘Year of the Dragon’ Luxury Beasts to Celebrate Lunar New Year with Artistic Flair

In an audacious nod to the Lunar New Year, Rolls-Royce has unveiled four resplendent ‘Year of the Dragon’ Bespoke commissions, turning the calendar flip into a grand spectacle of luxury and cultural homage. As the world gears up to welcome the Lunar New Year on February 10, 2024, Rolls-Royce’s Goodwood sanctuary has birthed three Phantom Extended marvels and one Cullinan behemoth, each a testament to the grandeur of Chinese culture, meticulously encapsulated through the art of Bespoke craftsmanship.

Destined to dazzle on a global stage, these rolling masterpieces are not just cars but a majestic celebration of Chinese heritage, destined for aficionados sprawled across continents. The dragons adorning these vehicles are not your garden-variety mythical creatures; they’re modern, minimalist, and utterly mesmerizing – a fresh twist on an age-old emblem of power, success, and prosperity.

Each motor car is a canvas, with front passenger panels boasting unique hand-painted dragons that took over two weeks to perfect. Imagine a dragon, painted with such finesse and depth, it appears almost three-dimensional, leaping from the fascia in a blaze of glory. This isn’t just paint; it’s a story of prosperity, painstakingly narrated in over 5,449 stitches of dynamic embroidery on each headrest, and a dance of 677 stars in a bespoke Starlight Headliner, crafting an abstract dragon that’s literally out of this world.

Rolls-Royce’s ‘Year of the Dragon’ fleet doesn’t just stop at mesmerizing visuals. The interiors are a minimalist’s dream, with subtle dragon motifs stitched into the very fabric of the luxury seats, and rear picnic tables that carry the essence of the Chinese zodiac calendar, all highlighted with touches of gold and stainless steel. The exterior, too, is nothing short of spectacular, with unique colorways and a hand-painted Phoenix Red coachline that subtly weaves in the dragon motif, symbolically facing East – a nod to the direction of the rising sun and new beginnings.

Jonathan Simms, Head of Bespoke at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, encapsulates the essence of these creations, emphasizing their role as a bridge between luxury and cultural tribute. These aren’t just cars; they’re rolling emblems of respect and admiration for a culture that transcends borders, crafted for a clientele that appreciates the fine art of subtlety and sophistication.

So as Rolls-Royce unfurls its ‘Year of the Dragon’ lineup, it’s clear that these vehicles are more than just modes of transport; they’re a celebration on wheels, a moving tribute to the dragon’s enduring legacy, and a nod to the craftsmanship that can turn a car into a canvas of cultural celebration.

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