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Nissan India and Smile Train Bring New Hope to 290 Children Through Life-Changing Surgeries

New Delhi & Gurugram, May 13, 2024: Nissan Motor India celebrated the successful conclusion of its CSR partnership with Smile Train India at an event held at Sant Parmanand Hospital in New Delhi. The occasion, attended by Saurabh Vatsa, Managing Director of Nissan Motor India, representatives from Smile Train India, and renowned plastic surgeon Dr. SC Sood, underscored the significant impact of their collaboration in providing cleft surgeries to underprivileged children.

Throughout the partnership, Nissan’s support enabled 290 cleft surgeries in the fourth quarter of FY23, granting life-changing treatment to individuals from economically weaker sections. These surgeries, conducted at Smile Train India’s partner hospitals, ensured access to quality care for those in need.

Saurabh Vatsa, Managing Director of Nissan Motor India, commented, “Our association with Smile Train India showcases Nissan’s dedication to corporate citizenship, social responsibility, and inclusion. This partnership aimed to address a crucial healthcare need and significantly improve the lives of those affected. We are proud of the positive changes we have collectively brought about.”

Mamta Carroll, Smile Train’s Senior Vice President & Regional Director for Asia, expressed her gratitude towards Nissan Motor India, stating, “Providing free, safe, and quality cleft treatment is Smile Train India’s top priority. Our CSR partners play a vital role in our ecosystem. The collaboration with Nissan Motor India has not only helped cleft-affected children lead healthier lives but also improved the quality of life for their families.”

Cleft, a gap in the upper lip and/or the roof of the mouth, affects one in 700 babies, with over 35,000 children born with clefts in India annually. Without treatment, these children face difficulties in eating, breathing, hearing, and speaking, and often experience social isolation.

The initiative has particularly benefited female children, who constitute 42% of the recipients. These girls, often abandoned at birth due to their condition, have now received a chance at a new life, free from stigma and social isolation. Additionally, 56% of the beneficiaries are infants aged two years and below, highlighting the importance of early intervention. The remaining beneficiaries include 38% aged two to 18 years and 6% over 18 years, addressing the urgent need to help cleft patients who struggle to find timely assistance.

Through this partnership, Nissan and Smile Train India have made a profound difference, offering hope and new opportunities to hundreds of children and their families.

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