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ASDC Electrifies Bharat Mobility Expo with High-Voltage Skill Show

New Delhi Buzzes with Energy as ASDC Ignites Passion for EV Skills at Bharat Mobility Global Expo – 2024

In a dazzling display of innovation and commitment to the future of transportation, the Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, lit up the Bharat Mobility Global Expo – 2024. This landmark event, held in New Delhi, marked ASDC’s mission to electrify the automotive sector with cutting-edge skills and training for the burgeoning Electric Vehicle (EV) industry.

Commanding attention with not one but two electrifying stalls, ASDC turned heads and sparked interest among expo-goers. The spotlight wasn’t just on the shiny EVs but on the brains that will power them forward. Delving deep into the realms of EV battery manufacturing, safety protocols, recycling conundrums, and the futuristic arenas of EV charging and battery swapping, ASDC’s stalls were the hub of innovation and learning.

Graced by the presence of industry stalwarts like Dr. Pawan Goenka, the former president of ASDC, and Vinkesh Gulati, the VP of ASDC, the stalls served as a testament to the industry’s charge towards embracing skill development as the backbone of automotive advancement.

FR Singhvi, ASDC President and JMD of Sansera Engineering Pvt Ltd, was electric with enthusiasm about the expo’s alignment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a greener India. With a prophecy of creating over 2.6 million jobs and attracting a USD 35 billion investment by 2035, Singhvi’s forecast painted a future as bright as the headlights of an EV.

Vinkesh Gulati charged up the conversation with statistics from the Economic Survey of 2023, predicting a high-speed acceleration of India’s domestic EV market. A projected 49% CAGR from 2022 to 2030 suggests that the EV market is shifting gears towards a future where 10 million units could be rolling off the production line annually by 2030.

Arindam Lahiri, CEO of ASDC, plugged into the heart of the expo’s purpose – to showcase the power of skilling for the EV industry and to drive young professionals towards this electrifying sector. With a focus on sparking connections between the industry and academia, ASDC’s stall was more than just a showcase; it was a launchpad for the next generation of automotive innovators.

ASDC also put the spotlight on the critical need for hiring individuals equipped with the right skills, emphasizing the role of independent bodies like ASDC in certifying talent that can keep the industry’s gears moving smoothly. Addressing recruitment challenges head-on, ASDC’s participation at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo – 2024 was not just a showstopper but a powerful statement on the future of mobility in India.

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