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Porsche’s Taycan Zips Through a Battery Test with Miles to Spare: 587 Kilometres Without a Pit Stop!

02/02/2024 – Porsche’s latest electric marvel, the Taycan, has left the automotive world in awe after a jaw-dropping display of stamina between Los Angeles and San Diego. In what can only be described as a battery-powered ballet, the new generation Taycan danced its way to an astounding 587 kilometres on a single charge. This long-distance serenade unfolded on the scenic stretches of Interstate Highway 405 and 5, putting the Taycan’s improved endurance on full display.

In a spectacle of speed and efficiency, Porsche unveiled the revamped Taycan, which not only promises more miles on the meter but also boasts quicker, sturdier charging sessions. The highlight of this electric extravaganza was a range test that saw pre-series models cruising from the glitz of Los Angeles to the charm of San Diego and back, all without begging for a battery boost.

Tagged “Fast travel” for its efficient escapades, the Taycan’s latest outing was nothing short of a revelation. “With the large battery leading the charge, the Taycan sports saloon proved its might by covering up to 587 kilometres in real-world conditions,” exclaimed Kevin Giek, Vice President for the model line, unable to hide his excitement. “This Southern Californian road trip was a testament to the Taycan’s efficiency makeover. Our vision of ‘fast travel’ in the realm of electric mobility – think brief charging breaks coupled with generous ranges – is becoming a reality.”

This test wasn’t conducted in a lab but under the same conditions any driver might face. Twelve international journalists took turns steering four Taycans over three days, pushing them to the legal limit of 75 mph (about 120 km/h) on the interstates linking Los Angeles to San Diego. Each vehicle was equipped with the beefier Performance Battery Plus, ensuring this wasn’t just a test of endurance, but also of power.

The charging pit stop at Electrify America Charger in Torrance/Los Angeles was where the Taycan really flexed its muscles, peaking at over 300 kW charging power. It demonstrated the ability to jump from 10 to 80 per cent charge in record time, repeatedly, in less than 20 minutes – a feat that marks significant progress in charging efficiency.

Since its debut, Porsche has rolled out almost 150,000 Taycans, with the US, the UK, Germany, and China leading the charge in sales. With the official presentation of the updated Taycan just around the corner, this test drive has certainly set the stage for another electric blockbuster.

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