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Bentley Revs Up the Future with ‘Electrifying’ Apprenticeships: Plugging Talent into Luxury Auto Innovation

In a move that accelerates its journey towards a greener and more innovative future, Bentley Motors has thrown open the garage doors to invite the next generation of engineering virtuosos and digital wizards to join their prestigious apprenticeship program. With 38 spots up for grabs, the luxury car manufacturer is steering eager young minds towards its ambitious Beyond100 strategy, promising a career ride of a lifetime.

As of today, the company’s Crewe-based ‘Dream Factory’—a beacon of carbon-neutral aspirations and home to over 4,000 Bentley colleagues—announced the commencement of its National Apprenticeship Week recruitment drive. These coveted positions, ranging from Level 2 to Level 6, span a variety of departments including Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, Purchasing, HR, IT, and Finance, all designed to supercharge careers from the get-go.

Under the hood of Bentley’s apprenticeship scheme, candidates will find a world-class curriculum focused on electrical engineering, digital software, and project management. This program isn’t just about earning a spot in the luxury automotive industry; it’s about molding the future of sustainable luxury mobility, with Bentley setting its sights on an all-electric fleet by 2030.

Dr. Karen Lange, the company’s HR guru, highlighted the programme’s role in fostering innovation and diversity within the Bentley workforce, vital for the company’s transformation through its Beyond100 vision. Apprentices at Bentley aren’t just filling seats; they’re given the keys to drive their own success, contributing to projects that define the cutting edge of luxury automotive design and sustainability.

Echoing the sentiment of empowerment and growth, Degree Apprentice Emily Ruscoe shared her journey at Bentley, painting a picture of a workspace that not only values but thrives on the fresh perspectives and dynamism that apprentices bring to the team. At Bentley, apprentices find themselves in the driver’s seat from day one, supported by a team that’s as committed to their personal development as they are to luxury car excellence.

Bentley’s streak as a Top Employer shines on for the 13th year, a testament to its leading role not just in automotive innovation but in crafting an employee experience that sets the industry standard. The call for applications is now open to those ready to shift their careers into high gear, with the application period closing on 18 February 2024. Future apprentices can visit to learn more about how they can join the ranks of Bentley and help shape the future of luxury auto mobility.

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