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Revved Up Confusion: Toyota Finds a Bump on the Road with Engine Certification Snafu

Toyota City, Japan, January 29, 2024 – In a startling revelation that’s got more twists and turns than a mountain road, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has just dropped a gearbox-sized bombshell: a snafu in the certification of some diesel engines. Toyota, which had TICO on the job for developing these engines, got the lowdown from a special investigation led by the intrepid Mr. Hiroshi Inoue.

Turns out, during the muscle-flexing horsepower tests for three diesel engine models, some behind-the-scenes wizardry was at play. The engines, which were strutting their stuff for certification, were actually being tested with special software in the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) – not the kind used in your everyday, off-the-assembly-line models. This sneaky switcheroo made the engines’ performance look smoother and more consistent than a freshly paved highway.

But here’s the kicker: ten vehicle models across the globe, including six cruising the streets of Japan, are sporting these engines. Despite this, TICO has given the green light on the mass-produced versions, saying they meet the performance standards. So, no need to slam the brakes on using them.

Nevertheless, TICO and Toyota are pumping the brakes on shipping these engines and the affected vehicles, faster than a driver spotting a speed trap. They’re gearing up to give the authorities a full breakdown of the situation and are ready to retest with witnesses, if that’s what it takes.

This whole engine escapade has really thrown a wrench in the works for Toyota’s reputation as a carmaker. It’s like déjà vu all over again after a similar scenario with Daihatsu. TICO’s now on a mission to win back trust and is planning a full-throttle overhaul – from rethinking their corporate culture to retraining everyone from the big bosses to the folks on the factory floor.

Meanwhile, Toyota, who handed off the diesel engine development to TICO, is owning up to not keeping a closer eye on the test track. They’re now committed to a pit stop to reassess and make sure that safety and quality are riding shotgun.

And for the car enthusiasts out there, keep an eye out: models like the Hilux, Fortuner, and Innova from Toyota India are part of this engine escapade. Stay tuned as Toyota tries to steer this situation back onto the smooth road of customer trust and top-notch quality.

Models equipped with affected engines

EngineVehicle NameStart of SalesCompanyDestination
1GDLAND CRUISER PRADOAug. 2020 (Discontinued production)Toyota Motor CorporationHino Motors Ltd.Japan, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia
HIACE / GRANCE / BONGO BRAWNY VAN (MAZDA)Dec. 2017TOYOTA AUTO BODY Co., Ltd.Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.TOYOTA AUTO BODY Co., Ltd. (Thailand)Japan, Europe, Middle East, Asia
DYNA / DUTRO (Hino)May 2021Hino Motors Ltd.Japan, Asia
HILUXMay 2020Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd.Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Ltd. (India)Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa
FORTUNERMay 2020Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing IndonesiaToyota Kirloskar Motor Private Ltd. (India)Europe, Middle East, Asia
2GDHILUXMay 2020Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.Japan
INNOVAJuly 2020Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Ltd. (India)Asia
F33ALAND CRUISER 300Aug. 2021TOYOTA AUTO BODY Co., Ltd.Japan, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa
LX500dJan. 2022TOYOTA AUTO BODY Co., Ltd.Europe, Middle East, Asia
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