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BMW India Ushers in the Season with Cool Comfort: Launches Summer Service Splendor

Gurugram, India – With summer temperatures soaring, BMW India is bringing a refreshing breeze of air-conditioned comfort and proactive care to its discerning clientele. The luxury car titan announced the roll-out of its exclusive BMW Summer Service Campaign across the nation, setting a benchmark in automotive care. This seasonal initiative, sprinkled across BMW’s expansive dealer network in India, is geared towards prepping the sophisticated rides for the sweltering summer ahead.

Vikram Pawah, the charismatic President of BMW Group India, shared his vision behind the campaign, “Our commitment at BMW goes beyond the exhilarating drive – it’s about ensuring a serene journey, wrapped in comfort and devoid of worries. With our ethos of Proactive Care, we’re redefining service standards. A BMW isn’t just about ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’; it’s a promise of an untroubled experience. Through meticulous inspections and services, we aim to deliver seamless performance, especially during the challenging Indian summers. Our specialized teams, equipped with the finest workshop technologies and genuine BMW Parts, are at the forefront, ensuring your BMW remains your tranquil sanctuary.”

The BMW Summer Service Camp is ingeniously crafted to educate BMW aficionados on the nuances of vehicle upkeep, timely maintenance, and the technological marvels underpinning their vehicles. This initiative shines with its bouquet of complimentary services – a thorough vehicle check-up, alongside a suite of condition-based services, all to ensure that every BMW purrs in prime condition. Certified BMW technicians spearhead the service, promising an experience as refined as the vehicles themselves. Customers are encouraged to pre-book their service appointments, and in doing so, can also avail themselves of exclusive promotions and offers from their dealers.

A Glimpse into the Complimentary Summer Spoils:

  • A holistic General Checkup
  • Insightful AC and Air Filter Checks
  • Thorough Tyre Condition Assessment
  • Inviting discounts of up to 10% on AC Fumigation
  • Complimentary Battery Evaluation
  • Generous discounts of up to 25% on labor for any AC-related repairs
  • An enticing up to 10% off on various Value Added Services (VAS)

BMW India, with its tradition of excellence, frequently conducts these service campaigns to ensure that every BMW not only meets but surpasses the expectations of luxury and performance. Vehicles that have graced the roads for over 5 years are in for a treat with special discounts under the “BMW Joy Rewards” program. An attractive engine oil service offer priced at INR 9,999 is also part of the allure, along with other significant vehicle checks and offers at the service camps.

As summer dawns, BMW India is poised to ensure that its patrons navigate the heat with ease, luxury, and unparalleled comfort.

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