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Revfin and Sun Mobility Electrify the Roads with Swift Financing and Swappable Batteries

New Delhi, March 19th, 2024 – Sun Mobility and Revfin have teamed up to spark a revolution in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. This dynamic duo is supercharging the fleet and passenger vehicle market with an innovative financing spark and Sun Mobility’s cutting-edge Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) technology. Fleet financiers, start your engines: funds could be zooming your way in just 24 hours post-documentation!

Revfin is revving up the financing game, offering lightning-fast loans for 2-wheelers aimed at fleet operations and 3-wheelers for both cargo and passenger zooming. With plans to deploy an electrifying fleet of nearly 100,000 vehicles powered by Sun Mobility’s BaaS model over the next couple of years, the future of EVs in India looks brighter than ever.

What’s under the hood of this financing machine? Revfin’s AI-powered toolkit not only predicts loan eligibility in a brisk 16 minutes but also ensures a smooth ride for Sun Mobility’s clientele. This includes those navigating the financial world without a traditional credit map. The tools dive into the digital world, using online behavior, psychometric evaluations, and even gamification to gauge repayment capabilities.

The synergy between Sun Mobility’s battery swapping tech and Revfin’s financing solutions is set to make EVs 40% more wallet-friendly than their internal combustion counterparts. And with IoT gadgets onboard, financed vehicles are under the watchful eye of Revfin, ensuring a journey that’s as secure as it is sustainable.

Revving up the enthusiasm, Sameer Agarwal, CEO & founder of Revfin, shared, “Our alliance with Sun Mobility is more than just a partnership; it’s our pledge to drive towards a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. With our bespoke financing solutions, we’re hitting the accelerator on the electric vehicle uptake, steering towards an eco-friendly horizon.”

Anant Badjatya, CEO of Sun Mobility, echoed the excitement, stating, “Joining forces with Revfin fuels our mission for a greener planet. Together, we’re not just enabling access to electric mobility; we’re driving a cleaner, greener future for everyone.”

So buckle up, India! The road to an electric future is now charged with innovation, speed, and sustainability, thanks to the powerhouse partnership of Revfin and Sun Mobility.

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