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Vintage Behemoth on Wheels: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser Still Rules the Roads, Now at a Bargain!

Coimbatore, India – In an era of sleek, modern cars dominating the streets, a true giant from the past makes a grand re-entry. A meticulously maintained 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ80 VX, known for its robust stature and undeniable presence, has hit the market, priced at a nostalgic INR 13.90 lakh. This timeless beast, boasting a 4,164 cc, Inline-6 cylinder, Toyota 1HZ Diesel engine with 129 horsepower and 271 Nm torque, is more than just a vehicle; it’s a testament to the golden era of sturdy, no-nonsense SUVs.

Having conquered a mere 1,15,000 km on the roads, this black beauty, with a comprehensive insurance coverage, is a second-hand marvel in perfect condition, ready to challenge the urban jungle and beyond. Its manual transmission and four-wheel drive system add to the raw, unadulterated driving experience that modern cars often lack. Parked proudly in the Shri Krishna College Area of Coimbatore, and carrying the registration KA03, this Land Cruiser is an opportunity for enthusiasts to own a piece of automotive history.

The Land Cruiser, which first made its grand entrance at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1989 and launched in early 1990, has always been more than just a vehicle. It’s a lifestyle statement. The 80 series, especially known for its swing-out back doors (replaced by a tailgate and hatch in 1994), earned the nickname “Burbuja” (Bubble) in Colombia and Venezuela for its distinctive roundness. Offered in two versions, the fully loaded VX and a more basic model, it catered to a range of buyers.

User _stick_shift commented on the sale, “Noice! Apparently the most desirable Land Cruiser. A bit lower price would make a decent deal. As I don’t have an idea on the market of these.” Whether it’s the nostalgia, the build, or the sheer size, this 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser VX is not just a purchase; it’s an adventure waiting to happen. Who knows, maybe _stick_shift will be the one to embark on this journey. For now, the roads of Coimbatore await the rumble of this vintage behemoth.

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