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Bentley Motors Unleashes Trio of Tribute Bentaygas, Steering History with Style on International Women’s Day

In a grand salute to International Women’s Day, Bentley Motors has geared up to pay homage with a splash of elegance and horsepower, rolling out three uniquely crafted Bentayga models. This fleet is not just any collection of luxury SUVs but a vivid celebration of the legendary ‘Bentley Girls’ from the roaring 1920s – Mary Petre Bruce, Dorothy Paget, and Diana Barnato Walker, who are credited with leaving indelible tire tracks on the brand’s rich tapestry.

Crafted with the finesse and creativity of two of Bentley’s bespoke designers, Emma Carruthers and Georgia Gough, these vehicles are more than just means of transport; they are mobile monuments of history. Breaking away from the shadows of the famed Bentley Boys, these ‘Bentley Girls’ grabbed the wheel with unparalleled zeal, and now, their spirit is being immortalized in the Bentayga’s luxurious embrace.

Each Bentayga is a narrative on wheels, interweaving elements from these extraordinary women’s lives with Bentley’s unmatched craftsmanship. Whether it’s the Bentayga Azure’s nod to Mary Petre Bruce’s record-breaking drive, the Extended Wheelbase (EWB) Mulliner’s homage to Dorothy Paget’s speed obsession, or the Bentayga S’s tribute to Diana Barnato Walker’s aerial adventures, each model is a testament to their legacy.

Karen Lange, Bentley’s champion for human resources, emphasized the importance of recognizing these pioneering women. Their stories are not just footnotes but foundational chapters in Bentley’s ongoing saga.

The Mary Petre Bruce Bentayga Azure races back in time with its Parson Green Pearlescent Paint and interior touches of 24-karat gold, celebrating her fearless spirit and style. Meanwhile, the Dorothy Paget Bentayga EWB Mulliner roars to life in solid Blower Green, with interiors that reflect the elegance and ambition of Paget herself. Finally, the Diana Barnato Bentayga S soars with its Spitfire-inspired design, a fitting tribute to a woman who flew beyond the conventional.

Bentley’s “Extraordinary Women” initiative, steering beyond these one-off creations, aims to mentor and mold the next generation of female leaders, showcasing that the drive for diversity and excellence runs deep within the company’s ethos.

As these three Bentaygas prepare to make their debut, Bentley Motors not only celebrates history but also drives forward a legacy of empowerment, style, and the unrelenting spirit of the ‘Bentley Girls.’

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