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Gearing Up for a Gas Revolution: Tata Motors Launches India’s First Ever AMT CNG Cars!

Mumbai, January 24, 2024 – In an unprecedented move in the automotive industry, Tata Motors, a titan in the Indian car market, has introduced the country’s first Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) in its CNG vehicles, setting a new standard in the segment. The company has kick-started bookings for its innovative Tiago and Tigor iCNG AMT models.

What sets these cars apart is their pioneering Twin Cylinder CNG technology, which ingeniously frees up crucial boot space, a common issue in traditional CNG vehicles. Tata Motors’ foray into automatic transmission in CNG cars is a game-changer, offering a blend of economy, convenience, safety, and comfort.

Prospective buyers can now reserve their preferred model – the Tiago iCNG AMT in three variants (XTA CNG, XZA+ CNG, and XZA NRG) and the Tigor iCNG AMT in two variants (XZA CNG and XZA+ CNG) – either at Tata Motors authorized dealerships or online for INR 21,000.

These models promise a driving experience that rivals petrol cars in performance and comfort, boasting features like seamless gear shifting, high restart gradability, and easy maneuvering in traffic and parking conditions. Moreover, they represent a significant leap in CNG technology:

  • Industry-First Twin Cylinder CNG Tanks: The placement under the luggage area ensures maximum boot space utilization.
  • Advanced Single ECU Technology: Allows for smooth transitioning between petrol and CNG modes.
  • Direct Start in CNG Mode: Eliminates the need for manual switching to CNG, enhancing fuel efficiency.

Safety is paramount in these models, with features like a micro switch that turns off the engine during refueling, thermal incident protection, strategically located CNG cylinders, advanced materials in the iCNG kit to prevent leakage, and a leak detection feature.

The Tiago and Tigor iCNG AMT models are powered by the robust 1.2L Revotron Engine, delivering a balance of power and efficiency. Adding to the aesthetic appeal, new colors like Tornado Blue (Tiago), Grassland Beige (Tiago NRG), and Meteor Bronze (Tigor) have been introduced.

These models continue the legacy of the Tiago and Tigor series, known for their design, safety, and technology. This new addition enriches Tata Motors’ CNG portfolio, addressing the growing demand for automatic transmission in CNG vehicles.

Reflecting the industry’s growth, the CNG sector saw a 40.5% increase in FY24 over FY23. Tata Motors, with the largest CNG vehicle range in the country, including the Tiago, Tigor, Altroz, and Punch, has solidified its position as a leader in the CNG market with a 67.9% growth in FY24.

In conclusion, Tata Motors’ latest offering is not just about new cars; it’s a bold step into the future of CNG vehicles, combining the benefits of CNG with the convenience of automatic transmission, ushering in a new era in the Indian automotive sector.

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