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Range Rover House Unveils Curated Luxury Experience on India’s Konkan Coast

Mumbai, India – May 24, 2024: Luxury enthusiasts and automotive aficionados now have a new destination to experience opulence and innovation as Range Rover House debuts in the picturesque coastal town of Alibaug, India. This exclusive luxury villa promises a curated nautical journey paired with the unveiling of the locally manufactured Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, marking a significant milestone as India becomes the first country outside the UK to produce these iconic vehicles.

Nestled along the breathtaking Konkan Coast, Range Rover House offers more than just a showroom experience. It’s a haven where clients can immerse themselves in the ethos of Range Rover, blending modern luxury with local charm. Professor Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer of JLR, expressed his excitement, emphasizing that Range Rover House goes beyond conventional retail, aiming to forge emotional connections through unique and memorable encounters.

The villa, enveloped in verdant surroundings, serves as the ideal backdrop to showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and design excellence synonymous with the Range Rover brand. Clients embark on a bespoke journey, beginning with a luxurious yacht ride to the venue, setting the tone for a day filled with sensorial delights.

Exquisite Experiences Await:

  1. Provenance: Delve into Range Rover’s illustrious heritage through carefully curated exhibits, tracing the evolution of these timeless vehicles.
  2. Bespoke Studio: Tailor your own Range Rover with the assistance of specialists from Special Vehicle Operations, ensuring a vehicle that reflects your unique style and preferences.
  3. Design Studio: Gain insights into the art of automotive design from Range Rover’s expert team and even sketch your vision of the ultimate luxury vehicle.
  4. Luxe Atelier: Explore the world of reductive luxury fashion with insights from SS Homme, while receiving personalized consultations on your fashion needs.
  5. Fragrance Lab: Craft your signature scent under the guidance of a master perfumer, using exotic ingredients sourced from India’s diverse landscapes.
  6. Wellness Sanctuary: Rejuvenate your body and mind with sound and crystal healing sessions, providing a tranquil escape from the demands of everyday life.
  7. Tasting Vault: Indulge in a sophisticated tasting experience featuring fine spirits paired with artisanal chocolates and cheeses, elevating your senses to new heights.
  8. Modern Luxury Culinary Experience: Savor a tantalizing tasting menu crafted by the renowned Masque restaurant, showcasing India’s culinary heritage with a contemporary twist.

Each encounter at Range Rover House is meticulously crafted to mirror the serenity and sophistication experienced behind the wheel of a Range Rover, promising an unforgettable journey into the realm of modern luxury.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of luxury automobiles or seeking a rejuvenating escape, Range Rover House beckons with its promise of curated extravagance against the stunning backdrop of the Konkan Coast.

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