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From Beetles to Buzz: Volkswagen Cruises Down Memory Lane Celebrating 75 Electrifying Years in the U.S.

Reston, VA — Seventy-five years ago, two plucky Volkswagen Beetles buzzed onto the New York shores, igniting the flame of what would become an iconic presence in American automotive culture. Fast forward to 2024, and Volkswagen is revving up to celebrate its diamond jubilee in the U.S. with a high-voltage mix of nostalgia and futuristic zest.

In a move that’s more Hollywood than Detroit, Volkswagen is kicking off a year-long extravaganza, a veritable love letter to the American people. This campaign isn’t just a trip down memory lane; it’s an all-access pass to Volkswagen’s electric dreams.

“Volkswagen’s journey from a duo of Beetles to an American cultural cornerstone is nothing short of a blockbuster,” stated Rachael Zaluzec, Senior VP of Customer Experience & Brand Marketing at Volkswagen of America. “It’s a 75-year-old love story between VW and the American people, and we’re just getting started on our electric sequel.”

CH 960 Beetle on board first USA export – 30.03.1948

A series of show-stopping moments are planned throughout the year, putting the spotlight on the personalities, products, and places that have etched Volkswagen into the annals of American automotive history. The campaign’s crescendo? A high-profile return to Super Bowl LVIII, a play Volkswagen hasn’t called since stepping back from the advertising big leagues.

VW Through the Ages: A Beetle’s Tale
It all began in 1949, when Dutch entrepreneur Ben Pon docked in New York with two Volkswagen Type 1 vehicles, unaware he was setting the stage for a motoring revolution. The U.S. arm of Volkswagen was established in 1955, gearing up for a journey that would roll out legends like the Beetle, Bus, Rabbit, Jetta, and GTI.

The 1960s saw the Beetle and the Bus become cultural icons, from the free-spirited vibes of Woodstock to the glitz of Hollywood. The ’70s and ’80s brought efficiency and sophistication with models like the Scirocco, Golf (Rabbit in the U.S.), and Passat.

Volkswagen’s tryst with America deepened in 1978 with its first U.S. plant in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. Here, more than 1.1 million Rabbits hopped off the production line, along with the Rabbit GTI, a car that would win hearts across generations.

The ’90s saw a blast from the past with the New Beetle, a retro-modern twist that captured hearts worldwide. The Chattanooga plant, established in 2008, marked a new era with a $4.3 billion investment and over 125,000 jobs created.

The Electric Future: ID. Buzz and Beyond
2023 and 2024 are pivotal for Volkswagen’s electric odyssey. The ID. Buzz, an electrifying nod to the iconic Microbus, and the ID.7, the brand’s first all-electric sedan, are leading the charge into a greener future. With the Chattanooga plant now producing the all-electric ID.4 SUV, Volkswagen is not just commemorating its past; it’s driving full speed into an electric future.

As Volkswagen gears up to celebrate its 75th U.S. anniversary, it’s clear that this journey from Beetles to Buzz isn’t just about cars. It’s about the miles of memories, connections, and the electrifying road ahead.

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