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Waddle You Know, Volkswagen’s New Hue Takes Flight: Rubber Ducky Yellow

In a splash of vibrant color, Volkswagen’s latest T-Cross is now basking in the glory of a new paint job named ‘Rubber Ducky’ yellow, a title lovingly chosen by the UK public. This bath-time-inspired hue floated to the top in a web-based poll, quacking up car enthusiasts with its playful name.

The T-Cross, which also goes by the name Volkswagen Taigun in India, launched at the beginning of the year in the UK. It boasts a refreshed design, brimming with new technology, upgraded standard equipment, and an interior that promises both style and quality.

Volkswagen added a palette of three fresh colors to the model range, including Clear blue metallic, Kings red metallic, and the peppy, sporty yellow now known as Rubber Ducky. The decision to let Volkswagen’s social media followers pick a name for this new yellow led to an overwhelming vote for the bath-time-themed moniker, with 46% favoring the playful name.

Oliver Lowe, T-Cross Product Manager at Volkswagen UK, shared a light-hearted take on the decision: “Some might say putting a paint name to public vote is a quackers idea. But we believed our followers wouldn’t ruffle their feathers over such a fun choice. We’re thrilled with the eggs-cellent selection of Rubber Ducky yellow.”

The Rubber Ducky yellow T-Cross is now flapping its wings towards UK showrooms. Starting at £23,965 RRP on the road (INR 25.28 lakh), it’s ready to make a splash in the automotive market.

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