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Volkswagen R Gears for Electrifying Independence with Exclusive Autostadt Pavilion Debut in Summer 2022

Volkswagen R announces the launch of its very own brand pavilion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, set to open its doors in the summer of 2024. This groundbreaking initiative marks a pivotal moment for Volkswagen R as it revs up to present itself as an independent brand within the illustrious Volkswagen Group’s theme world.

Designed as a dynamic hub for the Volkswagen R community, the new pavilion will serve as both a vibrant meeting place for the brand’s expanding fan base and a premiere event location. Here, the rich diversity of Volkswagen R models, the captivating allure of the R brand, and the latest in cutting-edge technologies will be showcased, drawing in visitors from around the globe.

Reinhold Ivenz, Head of Volkswagen R, shares his enthusiasm about this significant stride, emphasizing the brand’s evolution and commitment to innovation. “Having carved a niche for ourselves with our high-performance top models, we’re now set to amplify our presence as a performance brand with our dedicated pavilion at the Autostadt. This venture not only celebrates our rich heritage but also paves the way for our exciting transition to an all-electric future, offering exclusive glimpses into our concept cars and innovative technologies,” Ivenz elaborates.

Spanning approximately 100 square meters, the pavilion is envisaged as a sanctuary of innovation and excitement. A luminous exhibition space will display vehicles and exhibits, alongside a cozy lounge area. Motorsport aficionados will have the opportunity to match skills with virtual racing professionals in state-of-the-art driving simulators, offering an e-gaming experience that promises to captivate both experts and families alike.

Armin Maus, Chairman of the Autostadt Management Board, highlights the symbiotic relationship between Volkswagen R and the Autostadt. “The Volkswagen R pavilion embodies a perfect fusion of innovation, sportiness, and technical excellence, further enriching the Autostadt’s legacy as a nucleus of automotive passion.”

The pavilion is also set to host an array of exclusive events, including changing exhibitions showcasing the latest from the Volkswagen R world, from performance and design breakthroughs to small series production vehicles and lifestyle accessories. This initiative underscores Volkswagen R’s commitment to fostering a vibrant community, with events like the ‘Friends of R’ gatherings and the ‘R & Coffee’ fan meet-ups.

Peter Jost, Head of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen R, sees the pavilion as more than just a new venue. “It’s a beacon for our brand, enhancing our visibility and connection with the Volkswagen R community. We’re excited to bring our promise of accessibility and authenticity to life, creating a lively hub for our enthusiasts.”

About Volkswagen R: A testament to Volkswagen’s pioneering spirit, Volkswagen R represents the pinnacle of performance, design, innovation, and quality. Since its inception in 2002, Volkswagen R has been at the forefront of delivering exhilarating automotive experiences, with over 300,000 R models gracing the roads to date. As it shifts gears towards an electrifying future, Volkswagen R continues to redefine the essence of high-performance motoring for the modern era.

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