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EKA Motors Electrifies the Streets with India’s First 1.5-Tonne Electric LCV: The EKA K1.5

In a groundbreaking move that’s charging up the Indian commercial vehicle scene, EKA Mobility, in partnership with global giants Mitsui Co., Ltd. (Japan) and VDL Groep (Netherlands), unveiled the electrifying EKA K1.5 – India’s pioneering 1.5-tonne electric Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV). Making its grand debut at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo in New Delhi this Thursday, the EKA K1.5 is set to spark a revolution in sustainable transportation.

Priced competitively at INR 13.9 lakhs (ex-showroom), the EKA K1.5 is not just any electric vehicle; it’s a versatile powerhouse, designed to cater to over 8 different applications, from e-commerce logistics to temperature-sensitive deliveries, boasting the highest payload capacity and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in its class. With zero emissions, a hefty battery, and the ability to run multiple cycles a day, this vehicle is a game-changer for the logistics sector, offering both sustainability and profitability.

EKA’s launch event was more than just a showcase of electric prowess; it was a statement of intent, highlighting India’s capabilities in the global EV market. Dr. Sudhir Mehta, the visionary Founder & Chairman of EKA Mobility, emphasized the vehicle’s role in shaping the future of commercial transport, both in India and globally. With its strong focus on indigenous software development and a best-in-class warranty, the EKA K1.5 is poised to redefine standards for electric LCVs.

The vehicle’s 300-volt electrical system architecture delivers an unprecedented peak power of 60kW, ensuring top-notch performance. From aluminum and steel container bodies to specialized configurations for cold chain and waste collection, the EKA K1.5 is as adaptable as it is efficient.

Beyond the vehicles themselves, EKA Mobility’s commitment to innovation shines through in their proprietary software ecosystem, designed for optimal performance, customization, and security. This local software development marks a departure from the industry norm of relying on third-party solutions, offering a higher level of reliability and a futuristic driving experience.

As EKA Mobility flexes its electric muscles at the expo, it’s clear that the company is not just manufacturing vehicles; it’s driving forward the future of sustainable commercial transportation in India and beyond. With a hefty investment from its partners and a strategic collaboration with GreenCell Mobility for electric buses, EKA is speeding ahead, backed by government approval and a robust order book. As they gear up to fulfill over 5,700 vehicle orders, all eyes are on EKA Mobility, the new electric titan on the block, powering towards a greener, more efficient future on the roads.

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