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Bentley Batur Beams Brilliance Below: Dazzling Digital Doorstep Debuts

In an illumination innovation that’s literally groundbreaking, Bentley Motors introduces the world to its latest luxury leap – the Batur’s door-projected welcome animations. This cutting-edge feature, showcased first on the Bentley Batur – a Mulliner masterpiece – is set to light up the luxury automotive scene with a bespoke beam of brilliance.

The spectacle, dubbed “light sculpture” by Bentley, is no ordinary welcome mat. It’s a sophisticated digital canvas projected right beneath your feet as you enter the vehicle. Inspired by the futuristic design cues of the EXP100 GT concept car, this feature marks Bentley’s bold step into integrating light as a core element of automotive luxury.

Imagine a greeting made of light, with your car’s door as the herald. This isn’t just any light; it’s a meticulously crafted animation that paints the road with a “light through cut crystal” effect. Bentley’s innovative use of Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology turns the ground into a stage for showcasing the Batur’s elegant design profile.

At the heart of this technological marvel lies a tiny yet mighty Digital Micromirror Device (DMD™), smaller than 8mm^2, powered by 415,800 microscopic mirrors. Each mirror, finer than a strand of hair, dances to create animated welcome messages that are personalized just for you, courtesy of Bentley’s Mulliner personalisation service. These animations aren’t just dazzling; they’re a testament to Bentley’s century-long commitment to luxury, now stepping into the digital age with light as its newest muse.

In an era where personalisation and digital innovation intersect, Bentley’s Batur doesn’t just open doors—it opens new realms of luxury personalisation. With a system no larger than a couple of AA batteries, the Batur’s light sculpture welcomes you to not just a car, but an experience, setting a shining example of what the future of luxury car ownership looks like. So, next time you approach your Batur, remember, it’s not just greeting you; it’s heralding your arrival with a masterpiece crafted in light.

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