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Mercedes-Benz Parks its Luxury in Miami’s Skyline: A 67-Story Real Estate Venture with JDS Development

MIAMI, FL – A groundbreaking fusion of automotive luxury and upscale living is taking shape in Miami, as JDS Development Group and Mercedes-Benz unveil the ambitious Mercedes-Benz Places project. Situated at the heart of Brickell, adjacent to the newly envisioned Southside Park, this 67-story skyscraper promises a blend of modern living spaces and innovative mobility solutions, all wrapped in the theme of “Timeless Design, Inspired by Miami”.

Designed by the acclaimed SHoP Architects, Mercedes-Benz Places marks its territory at 1133 SW 2nd Avenue, towering over the Miami skyline with a staggering 2,500,000 square feet area. The building is set to house 700 units, with prices starting at a sleek $550,000 (INR 4.55 crore) for studios, and accelerating to a plush $4 million (INR 33.15 crore) for a three-bedroom unit. High-rollers can keep their eyes peeled for details on the building’s penthouses, which will be revealed later.

The project, a first of its kind for Mercedes-Benz in North America, showcases the automaker’s entry into the real estate market through its licensing business. The venture envisions a mixed-use building that fuses luxury residences with a forward-thinking approach to urban living.

Michael Stern, the Founder & CEO of JDS Development Group, expressed his excitement about the collaboration. “Working with Mercedes-Benz to transcend traditional residential designs and create a future-centric community in Miami is a privilege. Our focus on sustainable methods and design aims to leave a lasting impression not just in Brickell, but across Florida,” he said.

The project, spearheaded by JDS Development Group, renowned for transforming skylines globally, reflects Mercedes-Benz’s design philosophy of Sensual Purity, a blend of emotional and intelligent design elements. The collaboration with SHoP Architects ensures that the structure stands as a testament to this philosophy.

Mercedes-Benz Places will feature 791 residences ranging from studios to three-bedroom condominiums at 1 Southside Park. The occupants are promised breathtaking views of Miami and its surroundings. With the foundation work in progress, the first occupants are expected to move in by 2027.

Eva Wiese, Head of Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH, highlighted the project’s ambition. “Our real estate venture in Miami is more than just building luxury residences; it’s about creating vibrant communities that resonate with the Mercedes-Benz ethos. It’s where exclusivity meets urban living,” she remarked.

The building’s design is a visual spectacle, blending geometric shapes and nature-inspired lines, embodying the duality of emotion and intelligence. Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Mercedes-Benz AG, explained, “Our design philosophy, Sensual Purity, inspired the architecture of this landmark. It’s a blend of our tradition in geometric design and the emotional aspect of our brand.”

Beyond its architectural marvel, Mercedes-Benz Places promises a lifestyle experience like no other. With over 130,000 square feet dedicated to amenities and hospitality, alongside office spaces, health facilities, a hotel, retail outlets, and innovative mobility solutions, it sets a new standard in intelligent urban living.

The project also embraces sustainable practices, transforming the Brickell neighborhood. In partnership with Field Operations, the project aims to regenerate Southside Park into an urban haven, enhancing the area’s environmental and social fabric.

As Mercedes-Benz and JDS Development Group join forces, Mercedes-Benz Places stands poised to become an emblem of excellence and innovation, redefining luxury living in Miami.

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