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Lotus Robotics Unveils Cutting-Edge Autonomous Technologies at 2024 CES

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 9, 2023 – At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Lotus Robotics, a division of Lotus specializing in self-driving technology, is drawing significant attention with its innovative autonomous solutions.

Situated in the AI pavilion, booth #9217, Tech East, North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Lotus Robotics is demonstrating a suite of autonomous software and services. These solutions are designed to help businesses incorporate self-driving technology into their operations, emphasizing safety, security, and efficiency.

Key Innovations on Display:

  1. ROBO Soul: This comprehensive self-driving software stack is adaptable to any vehicle and environment. Capable of up to level 4 autonomy, ROBO Soul can autonomously execute tasks like parking and highway driving under specific conditions, with the option for human intervention. This technology is a core component in Lotus’ next-gen electric vehicles, including the hyper-SUV Eletre and hyper-GT Emeya*.
  2. ROBO Galaxy: Supporting ROBO Soul, this cloud-based platform facilitates data management and analysis. It enhances the efficiency and accessibility of autonomous fleets by leveraging data from sensors, road information, and algorithms. This helps in the continuous evolution and enhancement of ROBO Soul’s self-driving capabilities.
  3. ROBO Matrix: Focused on real-time monitoring, this tool offers remote safety features, including guidance and control, and parallel driving solutions. Its AI component allows it to learn continuously from its surroundings, enhancing the safety and precision of autonomous driving.

To expand its global reach and streamline its services, Lotus Robotics has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data storage and analysis, ensuring compliance with regulations in each operational market.

Hardware Innovations Showcased:

  • V1 Chassis: A versatile, multi-purpose chassis providing the foundation for the company’s autonomous driving software. Its modular architecture and electric vehicle battery system allow for scalability and adaptability in various sizes.
  • Robocube: An advanced cleaning robot designed for urban spaces, combining efficiency, safety, and cleanliness. Equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving software, it’s suitable for a range of environments including urban cleaning and pedestrian areas.

Executive Insights:

  • Li Bo, CEO of Lotus Robotics: “Presenting our latest products in North America is a thrill. With the growing adoption of self-driving technology, we anticipate a strong demand for our solutions in this key market in 2024 and beyond.”
  • Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Lotus Group: “Lotus Robotics reflects our ambition to transform Lotus into a global technology leader. Our range of innovative autonomous products is set to empower consumers and businesses to harness the benefits of autonomy today. We’re eager to scale our solutions globally, reaching a wider audience.”

About Lotus Robotics:

Founded in 2021, Lotus Robotics is committed to accelerating the shift to self-driving technology. The company has developed industry-leading hardware, award-winning algorithms and software, and robust cloud solutions. It has also garnered acclaim, winning the CVPR 2023 Online HD Map Construction Challenge and the 2022 Argoverse Motion Forecasting Competition.

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