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To fight foggy weather, Indian Railways gets 19,742 GPS based fog pass devices

In a significant development aimed at improving the reliability of train services during the foggy winter months, Indian Railways has introduced 19,742 Fog Pass Devices, particularly in the northern regions of the country where dense fog is a common occurrence. This strategic move is expected to mitigate delays and enhance passenger safety significantly.

The Fog Pass Device, a groundbreaking GPS-based navigation tool, is designed to assist loco pilots in navigating through dense fog conditions. This device is a game-changer for rail operations, offering real-time information both visually and through voice guidance. It ensures loco pilots are constantly aware of crucial fixed landmarks like signals, level crossing gates, speed restrictions, and neutral sections. A notable feature of the device is its ability to display and vocally indicate the next three landmarks, providing guidance up to 500 meters in advance.

Key Features of the Fog Pass Device:

  • Compatibility with various rail sections, including single and double lines, as well as electrified and non-electrified tracks.
  • Usable with all types of locomotives, including electric, diesel, EMUs/MEMUs/ DEMUs.
  • Operational for trains traveling at speeds up to 160 KMPH.
  • Equipped with a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery, ensuring 18 hours of continuous operation.
  • Portable and user-friendly, the device is compact, lightweight (no more than 1.5 kg with the battery), and robustly designed.
  • Easily transportable by the Loco Pilot and can be conveniently placed on the locomotive’s cab desk.
  • Functioning independently as a standalone system, it remains effective regardless of weather conditions such as fog, rain, or sunshine.

Details of Fog Pass Devices provisioned to Zonal Railways are as under:

S.No.Zonal RailwaysNumber of Devices provisioned
1Central Railway560
2Eastern Railway1103
3East Central Railway1891
4East Coast Railway375
5Northern Railway4491
6North Central Railway1289
7North Eastern Railway1762
8Northeast Frontier Railway1101
9North Western Railway992
10South Central Railway1120
11South Eastern Railway2955
12South East Central Railway997
13South Western Railway60
14West Central Railway1046

The introduction of the Fog Pass Device marks a significant leap forward in Indian Railways’ commitment to operational efficiency and passenger safety.

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