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India Initiates Global Search for GNSS-Based Electronic Toll Collection System

New Delhi, 07th June 2024: In a significant move to enhance the tolling experience on National Highways, the Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL), promoted by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), has issued a Global Expression of Interest (EOI). This invitation aims to attract innovative and qualified companies to develop and implement a GNSS-based Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system in India.

The proposed GNSS-based ETC system will be integrated within the existing FASTag ecosystem, initially adopting a hybrid model where both RFID-based and GNSS-based ETC will coexist. Dedicated GNSS lanes at toll plazas will allow vehicles equipped with GNSS-based ETC to pass through without stopping. Eventually, as the new system gains traction, all lanes will be converted to GNSS lanes.

The EOI seeks to identify experienced companies capable of delivering a robust, scalable, and efficient Toll Charger Software. This software will be crucial for the successful implementation of the GNSS-based ETC system. Additionally, the EOI invites comprehensive implementation plans and suggestions. Interested companies can express their interest by emailing by 1500 hrs (IST) on 22nd July 2024.

The introduction of GNSS-based ETC in India aims to facilitate the smooth movement of vehicles on National Highways, offering numerous benefits such as barrier-free tolling and distance-based charges. This system promises a hassle-free driving experience where users pay only for the distance traveled on the highway. Moreover, GNSS-based ETC is expected to enhance toll collection efficiency, reduce revenue leakages, and deter toll evasion.

Overall, the GNSS-based ETC system is poised to provide a smoother, more seamless journey for commuters on India’s National Highways.

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